Time to get our shit together

Now there is 500m AUM in a protocol fully in the hands of the community there is some serious work to be done. Andre used his big chad brain to combine all the best code and most lucrative parts of defi/yield farming and just given it to everyone but he needs support in the form of more developers, technical writers, designers etc. The community seems to be organizing itself well so far so we should start thinking about these things instead of purely economics. Firstly we need to put together documentation, I can start on this but im sure there are people better. We can also think up what other components are required for iearn that Andre doesnt have time for or clearly isnt interested in doing. There are many ways to incentivise this and all stakeholders already are pretty well incentivesed to contribute.

Keen to see who is willing to step up for this project.


Happy to support from a UI / UX perspective.
Am invested, keen to learn more and support where I can.


I have set up a public wiki page under yieldfarming. Please contribute here so that the information is public and Google can cache in its search results.


Great stuff, dropped a line with current contracts.

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awesome stuff! :fire: :fire: :fire:

I agree, I like the simple UX that Andre has created, but an issue I’ve noticed is that each DeFi product in the iearn ecosystem is spread across many different websites. There should be a single website (probably yearn.finance (and have iearn.finance redirect to this)) where there’s a link to each and every iearn product and resource including earn, liquidate, pool, swap, etc and any integrations like Curve.fi and 1inch.exchange, along with suplimental resources like the gov page, this forum, documentation, github etc. An article linked at the top that explains at a high level what each service does would be nice as well

Additionally a nice to have, but not required is hosting the site on IPFS and point to it using ENS


@ChainLinkGod Golden feedback! Would be cool to have a list of “Most annoying UX/UI interactions” or “Amazing UX\UI interactions that are missing” in priority order.

This can drastically simplify dev process.


Yes I can compile that up and post a comment here once I think I got them all

UX/UI improvements @milkyklim

  • Each iearn product is on its own website, there’s no central repo or index where I can see all iearn products in one simple interface (I really do like the simple design). I think https://yearn.finance should be this central index for yearn, ygov, staking, yswap, ytrade, yliquidate, ypool, and hyperlinks to integrations like curve 1inch, forum, docs, twitter, medium, FAQ, YFI explainer, etc.
  • The voting page on https://ygov.finance/vote does not make it clear that you need 1000 bpt in the governance pool staked, it does not tell you what each proposal is for, there should be a link to the proposal from this forum and at least the title of the vote, and the UI does not prevent people from voting even when they don’t meet the requirements, wasting their gas
  • Each staking pool should have the steps laid out in on how to join and the hyperlinks to each pool on curve and balancer, or at least link to an article that explains what you need to do to farm YFI and provide liquidity
  • https://iearn.finance and https://docs.iearn.finance are dead links, I’ve seen people think the project is dead because they had these bookmarked before the rebrand to yearn, these should redirect to their correct links (https://yearn.finance and https://docs.yearn.finance) like how https://uniwap.exchange goes to https://app.uniswap.org. Thus we should stay consistent with the name from here on out for continued brand recognition (We should converage on Yearn, yEarn, or yearn?)
  • When I refresh the page on iearn sites, it makes me sign into my web3 wallet again
  • UI on https://ygov.finance doesn’t update when I make a transaction like deposting, withdrawing, claiming, means I need to refresh and connect my wallet again
  • https://docs.yearn.finance should have a link to the twitter and medium blog
  • There should be a security page/section that explains that the protocol is community governed and the admin key is a 6-of-9 multisig and moving to DAO in the future
  • There’s probably more but these are the ones I came up with

Its not clear how the system works, or all the components. Nothing is actually documented.

Andre turned over YFI minting to the community but the rest is still controlled by 0x2D407dDb06311396fE14D4b49da5F0471447d45C, it would be nice to know what he does and what the dao will do.

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What does everyone think about using Github to start tracking issues instead? That way everyone can file them as they come up and they’ll be centralized in an easier to use tool than a forum IMO


Kanban board would help. I’ll check if we can move to https://github.com/iearn-finance


I’m invested and have modest skills to share but willing to learn more. Happy to help where I can.


I have some marketing/video editing skills. Happy to help where relevant.

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I’m a supporter of $YFI and can leverage DeFi Weekly (newsletter + youtube) where needed but there needs to be more work before I can get behind it more tbh


It will be awesome to see “yearn explained” video

Thanks for a solid collection of issues. How does everyone feel about capturing each as a ticket in Trello to explore, and prioritise?

For deeper/wider issues (and general backlog), I’d recommend documenting as epics and stories in Jira to retain the thinking behind roadmap changes

UX/UI/FE designer (aspiring dev.) here…yes, another one :laughing:

are you yourself willing to step up? or are you the manager type who writes a post and the others work?

:+1: sounds great. I agree with most of the comments mentioned above.

I’d happily contribute to frontend issues once have a clear goal or at-least an agreement on some todo items/issues.

@ChainLinkGod has summed up high prio issues we currently have quite well. I think handling those first would be a good start. I suggest we start with the improvements on that list regarding current UI and think on how we can complete them without changing too much on the current design… In the meanwhile we can start thinking about how we can improve the usability for non-chad users and discuss about design alternatives …etc. But personally my first step would be to put together a wiki page to list all of the different resources/links and come up with a structure where we can have a discussions on more long term goals regarding UI/UX and some sort of an identity creation.

Here are some of the ideas that comes to mind that can be turned into todo items.

Even though roadmaps, epics, stories …etc. would be nice, this is an open source community project and imho jira type of tool would be an overkill! Having a simple kanban board per topic/repository (design, frontend, contracts, documentation …etc.) would be more than enough. For that purpose we can use what we already have in hand for now. Once we complete the documentation and point people to right direction creating an issue on github should be pretty straight forward.

We can create additional category like /development/[topic] where we can have general dev discussions / feature requests …etc. in the community before we create issues / epics.

Create projects for each topic under https://github.com/iearn-finance (some of us will need to take responsibility for review, issue creation [forum -> github] …etc)

Redirect all of the dead domains to the current one.

Have (atleast) some sort of a landing | dashboard | wiki page where we have all of the resources available and directly accessible through yearn.finance for make entry easier…

As a deep note, Investing time into being a part of this community and helping build/improve the product is a hard and time consuming task. I am one of those naive persons who believes that if we all focus on bringing actual value in the long term instead of aiming for creating a hype for a couple of weeks, we can build something beautiful here. If your goal is just making money remember market appreciates value sooner or later!

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As I said happy to take responsibility and help as much as I can. Please reach out if there is anything I can do.