Dashboard, Docs and Blog

A dashboard like synthetix network’s.

Detailed docs for developers to integrate.

And blog updates like Kyber Network.

We also need community managers.

We need these. I sense a lot of confusion about many things amongst YFI holders.

Though I don’t think that anyone would do it for free. Maybe we can vote for a grant from the protocol fees or maybe if YFI inflation is passed, a portion goes towards this?



I agree with this. Obviously this is hard work and should be compensated.
Based on my understanding of inflation after YIP30, I think the idea would be to put out a proposal with a budget and print YFI for this specific purpose.

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Yep. Thoughts? @rewkang @Substreight @Daryllautk

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I’ll put up a list of problems, tasks and ideas later today.

Thanks for bring this up!

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Great idea. I think a simple dashboard can already be built with Dune Analytics. Not sure if someone has done that yet.

Synthetix has quite a few good community resources (see below). Almost all of them could be built for yearn as well except for mintr which is essentially ygov right now


I am for this, we just need a way to pay people.


I’ve collected thoughts from this thread in Call for Action.

@Governor thanks for feedback!

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