Partnerships / Integrations

Thought’s on strategic partnerships / integrations?

For example:
I use DeFi Saver often as I manage CDP’s as well as Compound positions.
I’d love to be able to see my staked YFI on there with a real time, accumulative view of rewards and YIP vote counts, so I can see a clear overview of YFI world along side everything else. How can we make this happen?

Going forward, I see three key focuses for the community:

  1. Governance internal to YFI - ongoing.
  2. Product direction and expansion - ongoing.
  3. Partnerships and integrations with other communities - I think this should be kickstarted soon.

Thought’s on what would be the first steps?


Someone should take control of the blockfolio announcements for yfi so new announcements and updates can be posted there.

Same as in blockfolio, would like to see updates in delta.


I think a good place to continue work would be expansion of non-custodial options for users and things you can do within those options natively: browser extensions, mobile, desktop, everywhere…

Leverage their user-bases (our type of users) for additional liquidity(that will only grow and want to be deployed for yield) and make it easy for their users to do all types of shit in Yearnworld and connect from anywhere using their favorite crypto app, whatever that may be and on whatever device that may be.

Many of these apps are just trying to figure out where to go in DeFi and Yearn can aggregate almost all of it for them. If we can make it easy for all of these different interfaces and connection points to interact with Yearn more and more liquidity will get sucked into Yearnworld in a self-reinforcing manner.

I can work on this front if others think this would be a good initiative.

More transparency reports on accounting balance sheets, costs, and rewards, please.