Make YFI a big part of the yearn ecosystem

These will either be great ideas or bad ones. You tell me (but be nice)

  1. Let’s make a YFI yVault. Give YFI holders the ability to use our YFI bags to farm yield. We may have to pull some strings and get Stani to put YFI on Aave but that shouldn’t be too hard right?

  2. Let’s use YFI as the debt token in ySwap. I believe Andre said that a debt token is created upon providing liquidity on its ySwap platform. Can yearn use YFI similar to how Bancor uses BNT? Not totally sure about this one but thought it was worth throwing out there.

Thoughts @andre.cronje


I really thought these were good ideas. Where’s the love (or hate)?

btw, maybe the Aave listing is already in the works?

I agree, this would add a huge new incentive to owning YFI. In the age of yield farming idle assets are a sin. We need AAVE or Comp to add YFI collateral or Bancor/Rune to launch single side liquidity pools for YFI first.

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