Integration with MakerDAO

We should start a conversation and maybe a twitter movement and a post on MakerDAO forum for integration with MakerDAO in that-

  • YFI being accepted as collateral to mint Dai

  • MKR delegated vaults on Yearn

Integration with Aave, Compound and Synthetix would also be very good for tokenomics.

Thoughts? @rewkang @n00b @Substreight @andre.cronje @banteg


I think MKR vaults will happen its only a matter of time, but why would maker accept using YFI as collateral if we just asked them? Maybe making a vault for MKR is enough leverage, but I don’t think they would care.


I advocate listing YFI on Aave the most. That would allow holders to earn yield via delegated yVaults. Maybe Andre can figure out a way to use YFI as collateral for stable without an Aave listing.


I am for this. Aave, MakerDAO, Compound, Synthetix are all ideal.

Even if YFI could launch with a low LTV and liquidation threshold (SNX is a 15%/40% on Aave) it would allow for simple strategies to be run on staked YFI.

Given that tokenomics and governance are still in formation, and vaults need to be audited, I’d recommend we wait on pushing something like this until we stabilize a bit more. But maybe that’s too conservative…?


Yes that would be really cool. Aave supports YFI with collateral ratio of even 30% would be sufficient. That way we can have yYFI vault running which would add another utility for YFI.

But then I think we might have to add support for aYFI and yYFI to be eligible to vote in governance. Might complicate things a bit.


Hello! Submitting an collateral application for Maker is pretty straightforward.
Just answer questions and post on their forum

There is a pretty long backlog right now of collateral types being assessed (COMP, BAL, LEND, LINK, and the list goes on…)


Why could we not implement something like SNX, where $YFI can mint yUSD, allowing more TVL from YFI into the Curve yield pools and earning more on their asset. Has worked incredibility well and given YFI is an income generating asset with a similar potential to capture fees like SNX for stakers.


this is actually a great idea!

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Good idea, no need to reinvent the wheel.

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