Yearn Representative to talk about yUSD on Maker's Collateral Onboarding Call

I was asked to see if we could find someone to speak at the next Maker onboarding call to present and answer questions on yUSD. An example is Tyler Winklevoss from Gemini/GUSD and Stani Kulechov from Aave both came to the last onboarding call (Sept 23) to present their collateral and answer community questions:

The ask would be to generally introduce what yUSD is and to answer questions such as potential use cases for yUSD as a collateral. I was thinking someone from the actual Yearn team should be there to discuss it.

You can either reach out to me or juanjuan on the MakerDAO forum, the next call is on Oct 7, I believe Matt Luongo from tBTC will be there to present as well.


Reaching out to the team, I’ll get back to you with an answer once I have one!

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We have a concept of new yUSD in the works, I’d rather not rush this.


Can you elaborate, Maker is heads down onboarding collateral right now. And yUSD is a general favorite in the chat… hate to have it onboarded and then changed :confused:


Could the new yUSD and StableCredit make Dai and Maker redundant? I would always prefer a stable coin that is automatically earning the highest interest than an actual stable coin, but I suppose it is subject to different risks.

I think it’s reasonable to wait up until we have a new version of yUSD, thanks for the heads up. Looking forward to see what’s coming. (mods can lock this)