Pls forgive me but I bought this token and would like help to use it

Im excited to be here and learn more about YFI, at the moment I hold over 1 YFI .
what is the best method of use? How do I get the token working for me ? I am a quick learner and have been involved in Crypto since early 2016 so any help pls

this video was helpful to me to understanding $yfi and the yearn ecosystem :

Thank you for the video, which wallet should I be storing my YFI into to use it on the system ?

yfi is erc20 token so you can store in any ethereum wallet like metamask. since you have 1 yfi should consider using a more secure wallet like a hardware wallet (trezor or ledger) which will keep your wallet safe from any viruses that might be on your computer.


I thought I needed to put it on the system in order to stake it.

You hold it in an eth wallet, from there you can stake it as you like. Right now staking and yeild are still being determined best to wait for it to be finalized before trying to stake yfi.

Okay thank you for your help

They talk about once you own it you can gave a voice on the direction of the program

How and where do I do that?

this answers your question?