I own a little $YFI, now what?

I’ve read about staking and voting and am a bit confused. I understand that with the latter, you are allowed a say in the governance of the funds as a $YFI holder. Is that correct?

I don’t understand what staking is at all.

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You can stake your YFI in ygov to vote on proposals. Voting allows you to earn a share of fees. Once you vote, your YFI will lock for 3 days.

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Is there a minimum or maximum staking limit? What currency do you earn the fees in? Is your share distributed based on your contribution to the pool?

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  • Nope
  • yUSD (the yCRV LP token)
  • Yes

Can you recommend a ycurve tutorial?



Note that there is a yCRV LP token (what is being rebranded to yUSD), which you receive once providing liquidity to Curve’s Y pool. Then you can deposit your yUSD into the respective vault on yearn.finance to earn more yield.


What are the chances my aLink in the vault will be lost forever? I know theres a chance I’m just not sure how.

there is a 100% chance of loosing funds in any vault. When yaults are auto enabled with insurance, then they will be safer to use.

I thought Staking allows to to earn but only after you have vote that you can withdraw. So if i stake today after 7 days i will have some rewards even if i haven’t voted - rewards will continue to accrue - however i can only claim after i vote.

Two options: stake YFi in ygov (https://ygov.finance/) or deposit into YFi vault (https://yearn.finance/vaults).

  • ygov earns a proportional share of system fees which are denominated in yCRV ( itself an index of stablecoins). Currently ~$70k/day profit. Has 3-day lockup.
  • vault provides an APY denominated in $YFi, so you earn a proportional share of the YFi it buys with profit (currently ~8% APY). Has .05% withdraw fee.

We need both:

  • The YFi vault provides protection against speculator takeovers by encouraging tokenholders to stay within the Yearn ecosystem. During token price decline the ongoing purchase pressure of the vault rewards depositors with a higher APY denominated in YFi.
  • On the other hand, YFi ygov staking is how you earn the profit generated by the entire Yearn ecosystem and this profit is denominated in the stablecoin index yCRV.

Thanks - if the amount staked in ygov is 5K YFI and daily earning is 70k then the yield is 36.5% ( assuming 14k price) higher than ~ 10% from Vault . is that correct ?

It’s hard to say, I think the APYs can’t really be compared like that because they are denominated in different currencies if that makes sense :wink: And the volatility index of YFi is super high right now.

is there a way to see how much is staked in ygov?

From where is the vault buying the YFI? It has to come from the 30,000 already in circulation, right?

https://yieldfarming.info/yearn/ygov2/ is a good option.

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There are only 30,000 tokens, so it purchases them on the open DEX market.

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