Stake or Vault your YFI

Very new here and i am trying to decide whether I will earn more YFI staking or placing YFI in vaults. The current rate in vault seems really good but wondering if the rewards for staking are higher since you are helping with governance while taking into account the GAS fees associated with each vote.


Good question that I’m trying to figure out myself. Why not both? As someone else suggested, what if you could still participate in governance and claim rewards by staking yYFI obtained from depositing into the YFI vault?

I’m sure there’s some obvious downside to this that I’m not seeing right away.


Doing both would be great. Was this a proposal? or just a thought?

Thanks for the reply by the way.

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I think its just a thought right now. But would be cool to have something like this implemented in the short term.

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Vaults are higher risk, there is always the chance of loss. That said, it does offer higher yield.

Governance is much lower yield but almost zero risk of loss (barring smart contract bugs).

This is a question for your personal risk tolerance.


I’m guessing with yYFI, your real YFI is collateral on another DeFi platform. Hence, there is a risk that someone else borrowing it can also use it for voting. This creates a risk of rehypothecation of the actual voting asset?


I am thinking with the current appreciation in price why risk my hodl in vaults (maybe thats too greedy) and just stake, vote and gain YFI. Thanks. I think i will choose the “safer” route for now.

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Good point. Anyone dive deeper into Cream yet to see how they are using the stakes YFI?

Is there a mechanism to allow a single vote from a single YFI, either as just YFI or yYFI?

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Btw, when voting, your rewards are in the stablecoin basket - yCRV. But you can always trade that reward to YFI.

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Hello, you seem like an expert. Please can you help me. Im trying to unstake my YFI and the Gas Fee is huuuuge, 1.59 ETH. Do you know why? Or what can i do to solve the problem? Many thanks.

Did you recently vote? If so, there is a 3 day lock-up.

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I’ve been trying to read up some more on CREAM. Their Twitter references moving to multi-sig. Does anyone know if it’s happened or who those folks would be?

Yes i did, thanks. :cherries:

Is there info on how rewards are calculated based on voting? Trying to determine what value of YFI is necessary to stake and vote with to break even against gas prices. thx.