Staking YFi in the Vault

We’re only seeing .94% APY on the Vault … Seems like it’s not enough to leave my YFi staked – it could be better staked elsewhere.

Is there any reason I should leave my YFi in the Vault that I’m unaware of (i.e., we expect an increase soon, or annual rewards or something)?

We used to see GREAT returns in the old Governance stake, this Vault very much less so.


Are you saying I should put my YFi into … I think you’re saying the OLD governance vault?

I’m not sure what you’re saying.

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The current governance vaults (and thus yyfi vault) are not receiving much in the way of returns as invested TVL is relatively low as we await the v2 rollout. In addition much the earnings are not properly flowing to the governance (and yyfi vaults) because some of the existing strats earn tokens that are not being converted to ycrv for distribution to governance (this was no intentional, not one got around to it). The accrued rev is effectively stuck at 0x93a62da5a14c80f265dabc077fcee437b1a0efde. Most of the current effort has been spent on getting v2 ready so no one has addressed this. Many posts have been made about this many calls have been made to the community for someone to code this fix, but no one has stepped up yet. Not sure how they will deal with the accrued earnings not yet distributed. It is likely that once v2 is up and running there will be a new governance at some point vault anyway probably with the yvYFI name. I think there is still a 0.5% withdrawal fee in effect if you pull out of the yyfi vault which will be lifted once a new gov vault is released.


Ah ha – this is super helpful, thank you.

So earnings that SHOULD be flowing … at current, are NOT. And get the short-handed dev efforts :slight_smile: Been there.

So accrued earnings for anyone in the Vault right now will be rectified somehow at a future date, hence I should leave my YFi right where it is.


Not sure if/how it will be corrected. Might be by snapshot might not be at all. The operation itself consumes seemingly 100-200k per month and assets have been decreasing slightly from the treasury to cover that. Trend will reverse (hopefully significantly) once v2 launches. If you are losing massive opportunity cost prob not a huge upside to keeping there, but I hesitate to talk people out of removing yfi from governance since that is the token’s stated purpose.


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