Questions about Ygov staking, voting & rewards

YIP-32 removed YFI burning for claiming rewards in favour of staking YFI inside a contract.

What exactly happens in this contract to my staked YFI after I’ve voted and claimed rewards for doing so? Does my staked YFI still belong to me and can I safely unstake and withdraw at any given time?
Is it better to stake for a long-term or is that irrelevant and only voting counts for reward calculations ?

My assumption is when I stake 1 YFI and vote for a YIP and then within 3 days claim the rewards I end up with having 1 YFI + rewards and I can do that multiple times whenever there’s something to vote on.

Sorry for the noob questions, YFI train is running quite fast :monorail: and I just don’t want to screw this up :wink:

Let’s build it! :star_struck: :cowboy_hat_face: :building_construction: :tractor:

After reading a bit more on the forum, I’ve realized the irony of my question and that voting is not a 1-time thing and does only vote_lock my staked YFI for 3 days and I don’t loose any of them when participating in votes. So it’s all goood, will vote!

Sorry for the noise and btw it’s awesome what you guys are building!

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Hey I’ve put it in the vault. Where do I vote? And I’m sorry I’m new to this, but can I withdraw the Ydai and the yYfi to put back into curve? Or can I put it back into earn on our platform?

Hi, you have to stake your YFI into the governance pool in order to vote, the vaults aren’t used for voting:

Here’s a good starting point:

hope that helps.

I didn’t. Ok thank you so much. Doing it now.

Thanks again. I’m so glad to be apart of this. Put everything I have into this amazing opportunity.