Voted 3 times but can't claim reward

I have YFI and it’s staked and I’ve voted 3 times. However the website still says " You need to have voted in order to claim rewards". What do I do? Or what am I doing wrong? All of my voting transactions were approved/went through on metamask.


Same for me.
I’ve been told the function is no longer working. No reason offered yet. Could be something bubbling in the background. I’m holding tight. It’ll all come together eventually.


is this affecting other people?

Same, I voted twice to make sure but the following are going on for me: Can stake additional YFI no problem. Cannot unstake YFI. yCurve rewards not accruing. Correct staking balance is shown. Tells me I need to have voted.

I’m guessing this is just a hiccup leftover from V1 gov pool so that V2 pool thinks people haven’t voted and therefore don’t get rewards. Just a guess. I hope it gets sorted out, it’s unsettling to not be able to unstake.

Same issue here. “Unstake tokens” is a clickable button, which I haven’t tried yet. “Claim rewards” is displayed as an unclickable/inactive button. I’ve voted multiple times.

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well someone needs to fix this asap

It’s messy UI. Actual steps should be:

  • stake
  • vote
  • claim rewards

If you really need those rewards ASAP, use getReward function here: