How do I vote? I've been staking for a couple of weeks

So I’ve been staking for quite a while now, and I want to claim my rewards. However, when I try to vote I have 0 availabe votes. How to I recive a vote?


Hi. I didn’t want you to feel ignored. I’m new to this also and find that there is a lack of user-friendly and easily accessible information available as to the benefits and workings of YFI. Hopefully, as a team develops this will be greatly improved. Like you, I have my YFI staked and have been waiting for a proposal upon which to vote. I’ll post a another reply once I have been through the process and let you know what I discover.

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You can claim your rewards using the UI at

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If you feel that communications can be hugely improved please voice your opinion in regards to a PR spokesperson here: Narrative Shifts & Replacing Blue Kirby

Sorry about this, we try to make the information and updates as available as possible. The best place to look for updates are, our official twitter, #announcements in discord, or if you have any more questions ask in our yearn telegram group. Also daily updates can be found at YFI Pulse.

Did you find out how to claim your rewards?

If you want to claim your rewards just go to the link:

Hey, thanks for reaching out! The problem got solved yesterdqay as I finally recived a vote. I have now claimed my rewards :slight_smile: I did nothing special, I guess you’ll just have to stake for a while (depending on how moch YFI you are staking) in order to recive a vote. Stay patience and your votes will soon be available :slight_smile:

You didn’t need to vote to claim you rewards. Both cavernec and ejbaraza supplied the link to reward claiming.


As @cavernec has said you can claim your rewards for staking in ygov from this UI above, and you don’t need to vote to do so. If you have any more questions ask in the telegram or discord, this forum is for governance discussion.