Update to claiming rewards in v2/ gas prices to unstake?

I was curious to see if there is an update on gas prices to unstake, it seems they are still extremely high. Also I can’t seem to claim my rewards through v2 though I have voted in most YIPs, just wondering why this is and if anyone has or had a similar issue. It’s frustrating because I spent a decent amount of ETH for gas fees just to vote because I think this project is promising, but I still can’t claim rewards and doesn’t seem to work on my end.

I think someone else will chime in but my suggestion is in current form - stake and vote for the sake of governance, not for the rewards. For small holders, they will likely be disappointing from an ROI standpoint if the goal is a positive yield.

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It also needs to be able to be gas efficient to participate, or there won’t be incentive to own the token (at these valuations). Altruism won’t sustain the system for long.

That said, it doesn’t look like it will need to, either. yVaults are just getting started, and with only these two live so far, YFI is already showing a Price / Earnings ratio of ~50 on the extremely preliminary management fees returned to staked YFI over the last week or so. For comparison, Apple’s PE is ~17, the S&P 500 is ~28. YFI is still tiny tiny tiny, and has oodles of room to grow. A reasonable return seems very plausible.

I firmly believe it’s better to redirect fees to development at this early stage of the game.

I also have this issue. This is the current message I see in the staking portal (https://ygov.finance/stake): “You need to have voted in order to claim rewards”

I can see rewards available in the UI. I have voted in the past, and I’m not sure why I see this message now. The only thing I’ve noticed is this message didn’t show up when there were open issues to vote on…

Anyone know if this is just a temporary glitch?

This isn’t a glitch, this has always been the case, but the UI has been updated to resolve confusion between staked tokens locked after voting and the need to vote in order to gain access to rewards.

My assumption is that when the amend was made, the contract updated and therein resetting the list of address that had previously voted. We will have to wait for the next proposal to vote and will then each gain access again to rewards. In this regard, I believe it is a one time event - ie. Once you’ve voted, you will always have access to rewards. (?)

Ah. Gotcha. Will keep an eye out for the next vote. Thanks!

Hello! I have the same question as ITo. I actually voted on a proposal this morning, but I am still seeing the message. Unsure if we need to wait more to be able to claim the rewards.

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