Governance V2 Rewards

I’ve moved over from Pool 4 to Governance V2 and noticed rewards have stopped.
May I have clarity in regards to intent here please?

a. Will pool 4 rewards halt or continue?
b. Will Gov v2 rewards be the same as those in pool 4?
b1. If yes: When will Gov v2 rewards begin?
b2. If no: What would these rewards be and / or what is the intent with these rewards.

I don’t mean to be selfish, but let me be honest. The big incentive to stake isn’t just to vote. It is to earn a share in the protocol’s rewards. I can not believe this differs much for anyone else here. Earning a share in protocol yield is a powerful reward for participation and one properly aligned to the promotion of good governance. It is also how I justify to my wife and family the time I take from them to focus on this community and the contributions I want to make - which has already gone beyond discussions and voting on these boards and will continue to do so.

Once again, I don’t mean to be selfish, but clarity in this regard is important to me.
Thank you for understanding.

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Anyone able to answer the above?
I can’t withdraw my YFI from Gov v2 without paying 1.31ETH !!! So. I’d reall apparently an answer to the above if anyone knows.

Is anyone receiving rewards?
Clarity would be appreciated. Thank you.

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iTo if you look in the telegram channel people have been working through the same issues. I don’t know the fix for gas but there is one, if you check there people will help

I think - and I may be wrong - that gov v2 rewards will switch from Pool4 to gov v2 on 02/08. Unfortunately you do not get paid until then.

This separation of payout/voting is why we’re possibly in a dangerous situation with votes this week.

Thank you for your contributions

Thank you for the reply. It’s very much appreciated. I’m not a fan of telegram so I admit it didn’t occur to me to look. I will though. If rewards are switching, that’s great and I’ll stay put. I just felt I’d done something wrong.

Thank you again

From twitter
“Reward distribution will switch over after current contract finishes at 08/01/2020 @ 6:52am (UTC)”

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Looks like there is still more staked in the old pool 4 than have voted in YIP 30.

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