Exorbitant gas fees to unstake

About $250 to unstake my YFI??? While gas fees in general are relatively tame. Staking certainly didn’t cost this much. Is there a solution to this? Also ygov.yearn.fi doesn’t seem to recognize that I voted. I did

If you’ve voted recently, then it’ll take about 3 days (iinm, or 2 days) for you to be able to unstake your YFI :slight_smile:


Okay that wasn’t clear. Thanks for clarifying!

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Will the gas fees will be more reasonable to unstake once one votes? I’ve voted three times and I still can’t claim rewards or unstake for less than $250.

Claim rewards hasn’t been working.

Unstaking isn’t possible, as stated above, for 3 days after you have voted. If you try now, you’ll lose gas fee money and not be able to unstake anyway.

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Can we put a notice for this on the UI?