Hign gas fee like 180$'s solution when u stake $YFI

Just for notice, if this happened, means u need to # vote before staking #.

we spent the whole afternoon on this issue, found the answer is so simple,isn’t a friendly UX now.

Hope this can help u guys.

The UI just updated, great!

I’m on this incident right now on pool #3

I haven’t got at least 1000 BPT
I have voted on proposal #0 and #1

I can’t unstake or exit, my balance appears as 0.

is there maybe a lock for some days (5) when voting?

no voting, no locking, don’t worry

I can’t unstake the BPT tokens. how to unstake or what’s stopping the unstake or exit?

u’ve already staked.

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Check my reply:

You have to wait unlock period ~3 days after you’ve voted.


There is a 3-day timelock when you vote.

voteLock[msg.sender] = lock.add(block.number);
uint public lock = 17280; // vote lock in blocks ~ 17280 3 days for 15s/block

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what’s the mean of # vote before staking # ?

if vote first and then stake, the fee is not 0.8eth ?

I have staked and now I want to exit stake, the only way is to pay the 0.8eth fee ?

You have to wait 3 days after the voting. Once this period passes you can unstake your tokens.

If you try to unstake now you transaction will fail.


what happens when you vote again on a different proposal or on the same proposal? Does the counter reset to 3 day lock period again? After the 3 day is over, can you unstake without paying 180$?

Every new vote starts new 3 day timer. When 3 days pass you can withdraw yes.

Note that showing 180$ price metamask indicates that transaction will fail. Solution: wait for 3 days.