Stuck in Pool# 3

I voted a Proposal before 2days
Then staked some BPT 1days ago
now.i stuck in Pool# 3. cant exit
My fund still safe? I can exit after two days?

yes, voting locks your bpt to prevent double-voting. I think they unlock a few days after the vote ends (I think 3?).

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I anxious because i stake after vote,
also locked,is it normal ?

yes it is normal. Your tokens are locked for 3 days after a vote.
(If you go back to your voting transaction on etherscan and check the block number, the end of the lock period should be that block number + 17280. A new block is added to the blockchain approx. every 15 seconds)

But that also means that your vote didn’t really count for anything, since the voting transaction looks at your staked token balance (0 at the time when you voted) and adds it to the total of votes for or against.