Locked BPT due to Block: 10553979

I’m getting error:

“Unstaking tokens only allowed once all your pending votes have closed at Block: 10553979”

I didn’t realize how long my tokens would be locked due to voting. I would not have voted had known this fact. I assume there is nothing I can do.

But, I cannot find Block 10553979 or what proposal that refers too. Can anyone help verify that I this Block will close soon?

Sorry, I am very new at all of this but am excited about this project so far. I will be more careful next time.


I must agree.
I’m in full support of this community, but locking tokens once voted feels very much against the spirit of crypto. I’m sure somewhere along the lines I left the traditional system behind because I was fed up of people telling me what I could and could not do.

In the spirit of crypto, an asset should never be withheld.

Voting imo should be a privilege. So, instead of locking them, vest them instead. IE. To vote AND be counted towards quorum, YFI must be deposited for a period, say for example 1 week.

If you withdraw, you must first vest again and wait the full week before being able to vote again.

This I believe would be more aligned to the spirit of crypto which ought to be respected at all times.


For security, what aught to be discussed are the lengths of time necessary to vest vs. how long a proposal remains open.

Should a proposal, once submitted be visible to all, but no one may vote for say 1 week?

Then proposal opens for 24 or 48 hours

This imo would be a wiser route.

@thevelvetrut Refers to the Ethereum block being minded which will happen in about a day. Ethereum Blocks #10553979 | Etherscan

In general, we discourage support questions on forum. You have better chances to get an answer on discord or telegram.

To summarize all comments in this thread, locking is necessary to prevent double voting. If tokens are transferable after you vote (no lock at all), you can move them to another wallet and vote again.

At the moment, lock period is ~ 3days, meaning

"your vote block" + "~ 3days" = "unlock block"