How can I tell if I have already voted?

I think I have…but I want to be double sure

Find the address of the proposal you’re looking for (easiest way is to click vote for/against, copy the “to” address and reject transaction).

Then just search your own TX history for a transaction to that address. If you find it, check the data if you want to see what your vote was (voteFor or voteAgainst IIRC).

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a gent, thankyou very much

sorry, generic follow up questions around voting… how does it work exactly with regards to the token.
I am assuming that the more token you hold, the more weight your vote carries?
What prevents someone from voting twice, or from voting and then selling the token to someone else who cas planning to vote as well?
what If I voted already, but since I acquired more tokens. Should I vote again?

I voted twice. Didn’t get slashed :man_shrugging:

Tokens will be locked when you vote => you can’t transfer tokens and vote again from another wallet.

You can vote twice but the initial voting weight won’t be included.

UPD: you are right, with more tokens you get higher voting weight.


interesting… so what does “tokens will be locked” mean… You can’t transfer them until after the voting period is complete? Can i still stake them after i voted?

Check the require statement from governance contract. It ensures that tokens are not transferable for about 3 days. You stake tokens before you can vote.

    function withdraw(uint256 amount) public updateReward(msg.sender) {
        require(amount > 0, "Cannot withdraw 0");
        if (breaker == false) {
            require(voteLock[msg.sender] < block.number,"!locked");
        emit Withdrawn(msg.sender, amount);



thanks a lot for the explanations…
i tried to vote this morning before i staked the tokens. Obviously i didn’t know what i was doing! it all makes sense now. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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