Users should know their YFI will be locked for 3 days after voting

It isn’t written nowhere on the website, that after I vote I wouldn’t be able to unstake YFI for 3 days. This is pretty important information for users.


The UI needs a lot more info al around really but this info, is definitely one of the most important pieces missing. The first time I wanted to unstake my (locked) YFI, I got a MetaMask popup with a +1 ETH transaction cost … which would have failed.

Thanks for feedback! We have this info in FAQ, I push to have this info on webpage.


The LearnYearn site goes over this along with a lot of other good info.


In the process of a comprehensive document revamp, future docs will be sure to include this locking mechanism as well as all aspects of governance voting.

We hope to remove any confusion people have about all aspects of current infrastructure and product offerings. Should be updated in the near future.


Agree. And if there are no active votes following the 3 days since last vote has expired, you should still be able to claim rewards and not have to wait until the next YIP vote.


If I staked my YFI but did not vote, do I still need to wait three 3days? I noticed that there is no rewards for staking so is there even a point to stake? If it’s only to vote I wonder if it’s even worth it given I have only 1 YFI token.

yes, there are rewards for staking, and it’s around 9% last time I checked. I don’t believe you have to wait 3 days to unstake after claiming rewards just after voting.

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Thanks Dark. There are a lot of proposals and after reading some I think it is important that I vote regardless if my token is frozen for 3 days.