How do I vote? I’ve been staking for a couple of weeks

Asking this question again as the system still ask me to vote to claim my rewards.

I am not able to find where to vote and the wallet connection throws error all the time. here is the error screenshot.

Please help!

I just connected my wallet and I see this :slight_smile:

So I can claim my rewards without having to vote

My staked coins are only visible in and this is what I see there:

What can I do it to move it to ???

You should also see your coins on so I am not sure what to tell you…

I am not sure what’s going on. At last I will unstake my YFI to whatever channel it is staked / and I will sell it. I don’ think I am getting any proper guidance here.

Also when I goto I see this error at the bottom


Error: ProviderError: Origin “” is not on whitelist.


Any idea what is it?

I can help you on the support channel in discord. This forum is not for support. Also it looks like you have an ad blocker messing up the website maybe?