Strategy building FTW

I was thinking about developing a strategy on top of an existing y strategy to increase my YFI position.

  1. invest in some vault with high yields, e.g. yCRV and periodically harvest

  2. Define some conditions that trigger accumulation

  • ROI of xx % reached
  • TA, Fibonaccis, MACD (once there is some historic data)
  • instant Market buy
  • Twitter sentiment (all your tweets r belongs to us)
  • day of week
  • office hours :wink:
  1. Accumulate(YFI)

  2. Rinse & repeat :sweat_smile:

I think many people are doing this manually right now to increase their YFI positions and this cries for automation.

Does that make sense or do we have that already?

Would be cool if we had some kind of scripting language so devs could just play around with strategy building abstracting away those nitty gritty smart contract details. We could also build a webcli or UI that integrates nicely with existing YFI magic. That way we could grow a developer community in github style and attract many of them to join us and BUIDL even more cool stuff. By having a DeFi / YFI specific domain language we could even create less-code or no-code dev environments.

And they called it yfiScript :yum:

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You might consider Balancer smart pools including a mix of vault tokens, eg. yUSD, yETH, and yYFI. The percentage allocation to each asset can be dynamically adjusted according to logic in a controller contract, so it could potentially create more advanced strategies. Iโ€™m not certain, but this might also be eligible for BAL rewards if the vault tokens are on the Balancer whitelist.


Thanks! Will look into the Balancer docs and try to find other similar protocols that could be used for strategy building.

As I understand it now yearn strategies could be written with the help of any DeFi platform out there and if theyโ€™re performing well in some sense they would be eventually integrated into yearn. Thatโ€™s pretty awesome :nerd_face:

Just thinking if we get more and more of these that people would be interested in more info than just pure APY.

Some strategy KPIs:

  • APY / ROI
  • TVL / AUM
  • security audit score
  • risk ratio
  • followers: how many people using this strategy
  • strategy hero profile
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big fan of those KPIโ€™s