Following through with tokenomics

Hi @ everyone,

14 days ago the last contributor voiced their opinion on revamping yearns tokenomics.
(See: Call for Ideas: YFI Tokenomics Revamp - #55)

Now that we have all opinions, information and concerns, it is time to work with these.
I suggest having a working session on discord for every forum contributor.
I advise using a amphitheater-like setting with moderators inviting members onto the stage to keep focus.
Strict focus is to collect action items, which are noted down with their respective responsible contributors/ work groups at the end of the meeting + deadline/ KPIs.

For that we need an discord admin to create a discord stage. Volunteers?
If it is not possible on Yearn Discord, I politely offer to host the event + maintenance on the BanklessDAO discord. We do such things multiple times a day and are neutral.

Add your availabilities here so we can schedule a meeting together:

I invite core contributors to write into this thread if there are any things happening that I apparently do not see and would make such a event null in terms of productivity. We would tackle intransparency with such a meeting, too. I know that this has been constant feedback.

Contact me on discord: fin4thepeople#8470 on telegram: fin4dao

EDIT: Thanks to @vany365 we now have a work group: Yearn Talk
Feel free to join and contribute! The first goal of the working group is to organize the tokenomics event and afterwards it will act as a point of contact between the individual work forces, which will implement the agreed (and probably voted) on changes. Let’s get it!


I like this idea.

I’d also like for the stage to be token gated, meaning only YFI/Woofy Holders could participate to keep the noise down.

@vany365 is this something you could handle?

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I think it’s a good idea to work through what people thought about the YFI tokenomics.

Have added you on discord. Hopefully we can chat and find a way to organise this so as many people as possible can attend

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Yeah we can host a Stage on discord. Not sure about setting a gate for token holders as the ability for the bot to track YFI everywhere is not currently possible so its only able to confirm some hodlers.


Whoever wants to lead this just DM me on discord so we can coordinate and set everything up.

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Other than tokenomics, are there more growth strategies in place (for product too–not just growth). Have a bunch of ideas on that, a forum for that could be awesome too


Quick update: Workgroup going great so far, a summary of the original thread is available for the tokenomics productivity meeting, will probably just schedule for best global time since people are not used to engaging with lettucemeet links apparently.
Looking forward to announcing date and time soon.
Thank you v much so far to all the people you see in the tokenomics channel on discord!

If you’re reading this, get involved yourself! Just click the discord link above

Let’s help our devs with the coordinative efforts. Yearn is highly technical and without them yearn wouldn’t exist. Let’s not expect them to do everything while we sit idle but help by our means.

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Update: The event is held tomorrow

Edit: it’s literally quite amazing how we have an event 10 days after this forum thread was initiated. A web2/ meatspace/ tardfi company would have needed 3mon forerun.
Everyone at yearn is highly active and engaging, I love that.

—> Do you see yourself in such a contributing position? Join us tomorrow for direct opportunities to do so. There might be awesome POAPs as well :shushing_face:


Update: The workgroups are… working!
First proposals look good to go live <2w

If you have a favorite way of approaching tokenomics please join the yearn discord and contribute in one of the 5 groups under “tokenomics”

See you there!


Thanks for all the updates Fin


Today we have the document to fulfill the 3-day-group-feedback milestone, which was set during the Tokenomics event on friday.
If you missed the event:

We are on track with the ~2w deadlines for all the snapshot proposals. We still have opportunities to contribute open. Please check “Call for Action” in the document (especially technical guys that would like to help with ySplit).

Yearn tokenomics upgrade first milestone - Google Docs <<

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Posting to keep this thread open (7d).
Tomorrow update about the nature of these proposals, a personal brain dump on the process so far and giving the proposals out to the public, so everyone can read and comment, add details etc etc.
We’re all stumbling into the right direction together I think.

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Today, the community-driven tokenomics signaling snapshot vote was finished! :camera::partying_face:

Here is the community update:

And here is the Snapshot page:

Please make your voice heard! It will shape the work that is done on the the tokenomics of YFI!

Thank you to everyone who made this possible through their contributions, however big or small.