[Proposal] Yearn's First Ever Community Call


Host a community call (similar to a corporate shareholder meeting) with the core team with the agenda described in the Specification section. The call will cover state of the protocol, notable recent changes, big upcoming changes, and Q&A from the community (voted on by the community before the meeting). It will be livestreamed.


The community would like an update and overview of the state of the protocol, directly from the core team. This will ensure a healthy relationship between the core team and the community.


I propose the following agenda. I’m also volunteering myself as the moderator.


  • When: November 8th, 1:00 UTC
  • Total running time 1 hour
  • Livestreamed on YouTube


  1. Welcome & logistics. (where to find recording of the call, official twitter and other links, live tweet hashtag, etc) [moderator]
  2. What is YFI? Why is YFI special? A short summary and mission statement since this is the first ever community call. [ceo]
  3. Highlight of recent YIPs. [core team member]
  4. Highlight of recently shipped changes. [core team member]
  5. Highlight of important upcoming changes. [core team member]
  6. Call for YIPs, new hires, etc. [ceo or core team member]
  7. One last thing… (any surprise announcements) [ceo]
  8. Closing statements. [ceo]
  9. Question from the community (voted on by the community before the meeting). [moderator, ceo, core team]
  10. Logistics. [moderator]

For: Have the community call on the stated date and with the stated agenda above.

Against: Don’t have the community call.


  • For
  • Against
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Q&A would be really helpful. There is still is a large disconnect from general community regarding what is happening behind the scenes


I have been advocating for a PR spokesperson to disseminate this “behind the scenes” information to the rest of the Yearn community, but a vocal minority seems to be against this idea. I think it would add tremendous value and prevent damage to the Yearn brand from a lack of clear direction as to what is happening. I think developers like bantg and Andre would prefer to be building than micromanaging the little things.

So you are the new pr candidate ? Why not you ?

I am all for it, but people have to want it and vote for it. Thus far the response has been that this is a decentralized community and that we don’t need a “face” to represent Yearn. I don’t know why, but some people are really opposed to the idea of having an “official” communications director/customer service representative. I think it could have prevented or cleaned up some of the mess caused by EMN and LBI. Maybe I am just choosing to focus on the toxic side of DeFi and failing to appreciate the people who do want this.

100% agree with you. brought out my thoughts

Let’s formalize a proposal to fill the PR role. If you’d like to collaborate on a proposal, let’s get the conversation started on discord

YFI discord chat: https://discord.gg/QyCGxz

My username: CryptoCap.eth#1272

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this is how i imagine it working out most efficiently.

  • model it after eth core dev meetings
  • topics centered around updates on how current developments are going. (I don’t think we should focus on YIPs unless the topic is in high demand)
  • one moderator who already knows the devs. i’d nominate bob_the_builder as he has been doing a great job being a resource for folks in the yearn discord
  • mostly devs speak to each other. they’re alowed to bring up any questions to each other that they can think of

essentially, this should be as close as possible to a regular meeting for them, but with us watching. the moderator will need to guide discussion to get through all important topics.

there shouldn’t be any preparation needed other than scheduling and having the moderator stream on YouTube / Twitch.

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  • Yearn isn’t a company, it doesn’t have an official voice and public figure.
  • Banteg and Andre are building, not micromanaging. Also reminder that Andre isn’t Yearn.
  • The mess caused by EMN and LBI is entirely on the users who can’t read and have no risk management.
  • I have my rock balancing workshop on November 8th, can’t make it.

Ultimately Andre is entirely uncontrollable. If he says he isn’t going to do it then that’s that. I don’t know if the others want to engage since most are very anti-social. So it comes down to them doing it as a courtesy and if they don’t feel like extending such courtesy for the sake of shipping products faster, then no one is any wiser to what’s going on in Yearn’s development.