Suggestions to Improve Yearn Communication

Hi all,

This came out of a discussion on the yEarn Talk Discord server (link to discussion here) to improve communication between insiders and the general YFI community.

I don’t like to use the word “insiders,” but there is somewhat of a feeling of insiders who know what is going on and the general YFI community who has to read between the lines and decode updates from various tweets and messages.

We believe there is a lot of low-hanging fruit for communication to be improved and a small change here could really make a world of difference for the community.

There were a few different ideas that were offered up to help improve communication:

  1. Induct 1-2 people (or the existing comms people such as @learn2yearn, DarkGhosty, @thegismar, @saltyfacu) to be an observer in the telegram, basecamp, whatever forum where operations are discussed. For what it’s worth, I believe this was the most popular idea shared.

  2. Community calls (whether weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.) where individuals can listen in on what is going on and ask questions. For Eth2, Danny Ryan sets up a bi-weekly call with an agenda on a ethereum/pm discord channel. After the call, someone from the community posts notes of what happened and general updates from the team. This would be great to get the status of where we are on certain projects (yETH, boosties, etc.).

  3. An #update channel where individuals from the team can post/share what they are working on daily or every few days. Something quick and simple is the goal, e.g. “working on -x, -y, -z today.”

  4. A weekly medium post or discord announcement by someone who is on the inside can provide updates.

Note, we’re not looking for updates from Andre as he is fairly communicative via twitter/medium on the latest thing that he is thought up. His focus should continue to remain on high-level R&D and the architecture of future yearn products.

We welcome any alternative ideas that were not mentioned here to help improve the communication. Let us know your thoughts!


I agree with #1, #3 and #4.

  1. From what I gathered, there is a private group where the devs coordinate. This could be completely false, but if there isn’t one, there should be. The “observer” could then gather details from the group to help share with the rest of the volunteer community in Discord to field questions.

  2. I feel like this would just turn into a grilling session, so we have to be careful.

  3. I like this idea, but then you have to hold the devs on payroll accountable for those updates. I feel a comms person in charge of this is a better fit (one that is on payroll). Leave the devs to work, let the comms person handle the communication (as they are probably better at it anyhow).

  4. There actually is a newsletter, but it should be weekly in my opinion.

Suggestion for the first update. A quick paragraph about each person on the payroll. Just some basic background info (nothing personal or private) and what to do at Yearn.

I’m in total agreement that this is needed.

I am working now to create a team that will handle a DAILY NEWSLETTER with everything happening in the yearn / YFI world.


also completely agree, in principle i kinda like the idea of the call since i’d figure there are questions that people have that might not be covered in what is being reported in newsletter, etc. but that’s probably not very practical.

and having to go through a comms mgr for every question would be rather inefficient.

anyways, maybe there’s another option to solve this that i’m not seeing.

If @learnyearn plans a daily newsletter (that sounds ambitious and maybe too often), perhaps that could also include a collection of responses to questions/inquiries obtained from various forums and those sent to a dedicated location or email address.

This is great. I’ve been feeling this too. Thanks for surfacing it and getting the gears turning.

  1. A lot of work happens in telegram groups, the content of which is generally considered public so we could definitely add observers to these groups whose job it is to communicate what’s happening. Maybe the easiest thing would be to create a public telegram channel where the observers could summarize daily developments and forward key quotes from various channels.

  2. Hell yeah let’s do it. Could be a team call that’s public and recoded, though that feels a bit forced considering the way the team operates currently. What’s more exciting to me is a community created and organized call where the hosts invite team members each week as they like.

  3. this could be the same telegram channel as I mention in 1 so alongside the observers commentary team members could give updates.

  4. Kirbs is on it :boom:

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These are certainly valid concerns and if people don’t feel like they are informed with things then there are areas for improvement. As was mentioned above, there is a weekly Newsletter that will cover developments/udpdates happening in Yearn. I think we will move to make this publication more visible in some of the communication channels (discord, reddit, etc).

The telegram, discord, reddit still are good avenues for people who are genuinely curious about Yearn or want to learn about new/upcoming things. In terms of completely new development items, the community, including communication members, learn at the same time which is when a new Medium post is published.

But to give clarity on things that have been previously announced and still under development we can create a summary of these items, which people can reference and learn from.


I definitely think that streamlining communication would be huge. It’s hard to stay up to date with everything going on with Twitter, the forums, Discord, etc. I think having a comms person at Yearn whose main focus is aggregating all of the daily going-ons would be huge– and a full-time job, but one that would help simplify things immensely.

@learnyearn, while I think daily updates would be great– maybe a daily newsletter is a bit much. Perhaps just a single twitter account, @yearnupdates or something similar, that posts a daily recap every morning? And these recap posts could be the only posts that come from that account, so they would be much easier to sort through.

As always, I think everyone here is doing amazing work, and I’m happy to help wherever I can.


The daily news letter is great. It’s the easiest thing to forward to friends who might be interested.

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All good ideas. Thanks for writing up.

The official newsletter is weekly!

I’ve also started a weekly newsletter covering all relevant governance updates. The first issue is here:

There are now 3 sources of news / updates to keep track of:


@learnyearn @nomad @tracheopteryx I think there are many questions related to vault strategies development. Like, a lot of ‘wen boost?’ and stuff like that.

Can we have summaries on vault strategy updates and developments?
For example:

Vault Status in Production

  • All vaults are active, except A and B.
  • (Some general commentary on vaults, if necessary)

Development & Testing

  • Strategy X for vault Y is on testing. ETA launch date xxx.
  • Strategy B is ready for deployment. Waiting for multisig signature.

Blocked / Waiting

  • Strategy Z1 needs MakerDAO to approve proposal X
  • Strategy Z2 needs Paraswap to approve proposal Y

Having these should reduce questions / doubts about what is happening on the development side.
This doesn’t have to be daily - once every 2-3 days or once a week is also ok


Yeah great idea, a strategy development dashboard — could do as a docs page or potentially integrate with stats


This is great! The Treasury Update in the Governance Newsletter is also helpful, but I would like to see a quick summary of the difference/purpose behind these three treasury funds. It would also be helpful to have some commentary. For example, is one low because of a recent expenditure? Is one high because there is outstanding dev work to pay out a particulat token? Is everything normal and as expected?


Good feedback, I’ll add more context in future issues :slightly_smiling_face:

We’ve started a daily newsletter.

You can subscribe to it here:


Oh my…
Wen Kirby MasterCard?

Jokes aside, I just read the 9-22 newsletter.
It’s very good and helpful!
Thank you ser

Hey all – some updates in this area.

We’ve implemented this by creating a new telegram channel: | Updates. It’s a broadcast channel where members of the yearn team and community members will share what they are working on and what’s going on at yearn from their perspective.

And we just did our first AMA – decided to do it today pretty quickly so didn’t get a chance to post here first but hope you all saw it announced on twitter, discord, and telegram. The record of the AMA is in the updates channel, and also @nomad made a recap here Yearn AMA Recap: Sept. 24. The team hosted an AMA on… | by Nomad | Medium

We plan to do these regularly. And open to more suggestions and also independent actions from you guys – I’m still hoping someone starts a community call.



Happy to help also. Can help with translation or writing articles for the French community !!

Great! Best thing to do is start in the discord #translations channel and ping @Dark (@ONI on discord)

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