Proposal to Migrate to Discord

As the self-anointed communications director (btw anyone can be self-anointed) it has come to my attention that the governance forum is not the place to be if you want to have access to the latest going on at Yearn. The place you should be is the discord chat which is where you can actually influence the direction that Yearn is going in So if you want to voice your opinion on topics such as hiring a full-time “official” PR person, whether we should destroy or preserve the value of YFI, whether Yearn should leverage its resources to create its own AMM, and many other interesting topics then you need to be part of the discussion occurring in the discord chat. This is a democracy, after all, if you don’t voice your opinion then you don’t count. Pass this message along to anyone who is not familiar with the discord chat.

Thank you for helping out with communication. It’s badly needed.

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They both serve their uses. Discord and telegram are yes for real time chat about the yearn ecosystem, but the governance forum is an important and needed place to write down ideas and get peoples feedback from them on things the community wants to turn into YIPs. If anyone wants to help out with building, translating, or writing documentation, or even just talking about governance for yearn, join the discord, hop into the channels, and ask to help or speak your opinion.

Though, having said that, we will not be removing the forum as it serves a very good purpose.


Not at all trying to get rid of the forum. Just trying to raise a lot of awareness around the fact that some of us had been using it the wrong way. So from here on out we need to come together in the discord chat to actually move the needle on an issue.

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Perhaps a solution to this miss-use is to revamp the gov forum to not contain sections like #general-chat #feedback #technical-discussion and just maintain more like #proposals and #proposals:on-chain-voting #proposals:strategies

And move the link under instead of at the bottom of the landing page.

Also I think u/CryptoOGkau does a great job over at Reddit and this source of support should also be offered as readily as the discord and TG. It’s slower, but some people prefer not having to sift through the chatter.


Great news people, discord has arrived at a consensus on hiring a PR person and we are now fleshing out the details on the #PR section. Please join us so that we can brainstorm together. This has been a painful process for me, I took a beating presenting this proposal and even had people linking Andre’s medium article telling me to fuck off. Luckily, we came to the conclusion that crisis management is an absolute necessity and as such are working on bringing about a formal proposal. Join us on discord:

We haven’t yet, but anyone is free to help out with public relations. Also, there is now a public relations channel on discord where further talks about this can happen.

This is where you can post any questions and eventually get an answer from devs:

As the forum is not going anywhere and is still for governance talk and related issues this thread will be locked.

I encourage everyone who isn’t already in these chat channels to join them.

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