Help & Technical support should be redirected to Discord

Me and other users run an UNOFFICIAL yearn Discord sever here:

Lots of people joined this server already and there are always people around to get help.

So any help & technical support thread should be locked by mod and redirect them to Discord.

Leave Governance forum for Governance discussion only. Just my 2 gwei.



I support this. There is also an unofficial Telegram:


+1 good idea @kendrickllama :smile:

whoever run this should merge with Discord, don’t scatter the community around.

  1. Governance forum for serious business
  2. Everything else please head over to Discord
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Thanks for bringing this up.

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I would like to see the official governance discussion/process also move to discord…

How would the rest feel about this?

Discourse has better threading for discussion, so I personally prefer it to Discord


Threading structure is superior. It is (close to) impossible to recap what was discussed on Discord.