Create an official Discord or Telegram for community chat?

Right now the official Telegram ( does not allow writing messages. Most conversation about yEarn happens on Twitter or in the Curve TG.

Can we create an official Discord or Telegram for community chat? Would be nice if there was a dedicated place for this :smile:

UPD: Telegram is live now:


Chainlink has an unofficial one that works well, either or for me. Would love to chat about this outside of the forum format!

This is the official Discord channel

Not sure if just me but that link doesn’t work @Mr_Sadim

I see value in a secondary channel however fully expect it to become rampant with shills so be warned :stuck_out_tongue:

1 Like Unofficial Telegram Group here

nice work, guys :love_you_gesture:

Well, I guess the curve people would be happy if the YFI crowd moved somewhere else. They are quite overwhelmed with confused people like me without really being part of yearn. YFI channel on dischord was started to save the telegram chat from chaos.

This is the Curve discord.

It will make sense to create a dedicated space for this project within discord (as opposed to embed within other projects).

+1 for Discord. Telegram is suboptimal and basically a Skype clone.

In Discord there can be separate channels for different purposes, like Announcements, General Chat, Governance, etc.

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this is now available here:

come hang out everyone :smile:


Thank you @devops199fan :slight_smile: this is great

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Finally a place to chat again. Great! : )

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Telegram is live now:


why be on Telegram when something already has been set up on discord ?

Cause people might prefer one thing over another. I prefer forum :wink:

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Hey, the invite has already expired, could you post an invite without expiry?

Here you go:

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