Official telegram

I think it is important to have an official telegram.

The one we have now has an admin “Klim” that has told new comers YFII isnt a scam, research it, and deletes anyone calling it a scam.

What is the official position? Can we call this a scam with Klim deleting it?

YFII is a fork which has burned their mint-key, making it much less of a ‘scam’.

Any AUM they attract is technically a YFI pool, so they’re feeding fees to YFI.

Not a big deal. Arguably good for YFI.

Also, folks like Klim are contributing a lot to this project. Go easy. The ‘community’ telegram is the ‘official’ telegram.

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I have no issue with him except the way he deletes what he doesnt agree with when im trying to tell new comers that YFI is real. YFII is not real.

Okay it may benefit us. Ill take that point. But if its less of a scam then why not go type this shit on their forum in mandarin? Youre in the wrong place same thing i said to him. OUR forums and telegram should be PRO YFI, not pro yfii

Please go look at all the pro YFII talk in the telegram around this date and time. Its disruptive to this project honestly to have an admin not allowing us to discuss how scammy YFII is in telegram. Youd think i insulted his mother or hes a creator of YFII. We need better representation

Calm down it’s a fork and this is open source alot of people in the community are using yfii or trying to make profits from it. Let’s not kid ourselves we were all yeild farmers and they are just seeking the best yeild. Maybe they will come back when and if the yeild is good. Some people don’t care about risk.

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The point isnt hating YFII. I have no issue. The point is that the leaders of this project must be like a company. PROMOTE their product. When a newcomer joins the telegram and they go is YFII a scam? And our admin jumps in with some twitter links to YFII stuff, deletes any counter points, and promotes YFII on everything minus just barely saying to invest in it.

Do you honestly believe a new comer, totally clueless, knows YFI vs YFII enough to know which is the fork that gets less fees and network effect that hasnt been proven by time and may or may not have massive errors even that tweetstorm by the chinese guy admitted its a HIGHER RISK token and the east is okay with that. Our telegram is mostly the west. We should take a stance its a scam until proven its not!

He could have done a better job. And yes he should be more professional. I would be up for adding more admins and setting up better rules for admins to follow.

His current message. 1. Blames our community for reporting YFII, 2. Makes YFII look legit since keys burned, 3. Makes YFII look like its not some elaborate scam/phishing which WE DONT KNOW. did anyone audit this YFII token?

“People were reporting them cause initially admin keys were not burnt + it looked like 100% phishing.”

This is not okay. Get this YFII talk out of our telegram

I think talking about it is fine, other people can tell them the risks. Admins should behave and be honest about the risks I completely agree. Also we shouldn’t be banning free speech.

Well i got banned on free speech. He never does disclose the risks of YFII though, if hes even aware of them himself that is. Or maybe hes just blindly happy to loosely talk it up

And also i should mention if we’re talking about lets talk about it, no deleting messages. It shouldnt be Klims idea of YFII can be talked about, anyone else cannot mention YFII. If we even allow any talk of YFII. Most telegrams dont but thats because they are official so i see that

@dark thank you for posting some good info to the telegram. When you say the returns are real be careful. Many are reading with a longer time preference than you may realize. YFIIs model is hyper inflation community token. YFIs model may therefore end up being a “buyback” program or in our case more of a bumped % yield by giving up some of the YFI DAOs income. We have levers to make sure our platform pays better than theirs. So do not assume we wont use them and quickly

@Joey @Dark Guys, I always clean up messages when talks heat up. Referring to “Honk Honk” and accusing someone without proofs is definitely too hot.

I am fully aware of how YFII story evolved and this is why I am bringing facts to the table. I don’t like people talking about it, either, but best I can do is give them clear picture of what might happen and how things changed from start.

I am happy to delegate admin rights (e.g. Lux became one by simply being active) but we are short on people.

@Joey Before posting on forum, make sure you post to the relevant category.

You should start by removing yourself. Honk honk was a reference to a clown moderation, removing my words which were that I ME MYSELF official opinion is YFII is a scam

Also I didnt accuse you of anything. I said youre pro YFII because youve shown to be. You say over and over and over and over in our telegram that YFII is higher yield and never mention risk or potential future earnings.

@Joey relax. of course people will make forks and run scams. YFII is somewhat of a non issue. No exchages are going pick it up, and no DeFi platform is going to invest in it. Just don’t talk about it, and it will go away.

As for telegram, I think it should be not be used. Telegram is always used to blackmail projects. If it is to be used, have an official outlet where devs can write, and a clean unofficial telegram channel that is meme free. Be clear that the unofficial one is unofficial, and that questions to devs should go to discord.

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I assure you i am relaxed, i am also an aries sign in jupiter so i may communicate cardinally-so as they say. I do think social media is important and having someone with an admin tag redirect newcomers is bad business. Why our admins need to speak about what yield is better? 500x leverage is also better yield.

Edit: and what if YFII has an error. Imagine the fallout of all the screenshots of Klim on biz telling people about the yield

Ok well thats fair as my main frustration is that this group only has an unofficial telegram. Ill leave it at that. I agree about a YFI announcements channel and would love to see an official channel where only YFI talk is allowed.

It’s a community project, there is nothing “official”.


There is nothing official because we choose that. An official telegram can be run by nonofficials. You set the rules are pro project and no discussion off topic. These official telegrams are the only place i go for discussion on projects i care about such as ren and troubleshooting darknodes or troubleshooting. Our current telegram is a bunch of concern trolls posting IS YFII GOOD? and klim takes the bait every time