Is this your project?

Is this your project?
YFII belong to YFI?

Why Twitter do not post about this information?

Thank you.

Yes, I would also like to know what this is. No official information on Telegram or Twitter.
How are people supposed to know this is legit?

IMO. u said u wasn’t the fork of YFI. but now say u are. DeFi makes honest money, if u want to earn it, let’s be honest first. The blockchain market is free, u can fork any of it as u like. YFI is YFI, YFII is YFII, they just have a yfi word in the name at the same time, having nothing in common at all. so this forum program belongs to YFI community. Get out here. ( represent my own only :slight_smile:

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“Innovative decentralized defi mining pool” do u understand what is ‘Innovative’?

how many time u guys spent on developing this project?

2 hours or 3 hours?

( represent my own only :slight_smile:

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if u don’t understand the word ‘Innovative’ let’s learn this word first.

( represent my own only :slight_smile:

All views are my own, to my understanding:

  1. LP for YFI and YFII are similar, YFII currently has a token reward but YFI can easily implement a retroactive reward as well, if voted. I know which I trust in the long run.
  2. For investors, there is one clear token of the two I’d buy and the other to me generally a DAO i dont want to be apart of when just because you dont get your way on 1 vote you split the community. I hope those who split soon realize their tokens may not end this escapade at 1:1 of even the incentive token or backpay aDAI or even YFI that YFI may or could vote for anytime. Comp was distributed this way

I really wish our YFI community would slow down with the prints for LPs and think about this stuff about how to really make sure everyone who uses our platforms feels rightfully rewarded. Should we give aDAI backpay for 2 years? The possibilities are endless especially if the YFI token value isnt diluted without bringing back at least the same amount spent on the dilution.

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Interesting in that YFII is referred to as a fork. A fork would imply the original holders of YFI would receive tokens in YFII. This is not the case. What it is, is a reset. The person who created this started the whole process again and therefore likely farmed on their own, grabbing more coins early on before sharing this out to assign value to the token.
I’d act with caution. Incentives here are not aligned. I’d also highlight that to succeed, they’ll need to do more than just copy code into Infinitum.


YFI has no affiliation with YFII.

YFII itself is a code fork with YIP 8 implemented, likely coming from its author. I personally don’t consider it malicious, and I believe it got too much heat from Metamask and Balancer. The utility of YFII remains questionable as the rewards are codified and the keys are burned, so there is nothing to govern.


Is this statement on it being not malicious backed by research, such that did you personally audit or see an audit on the contract, such as did the fork did they add any backdoors to the liquidity pools, or any other possible hack?

I did look through the contracts, as did some of my peers, but bear in mind that I’m not a professional auditor, so exercise caution and do your own due diligence.


When accessing that website I get this message:
" Ethereum Phishing Detection"

Watch out guys…