Missing Information

This is a great promising project but also it is very hard to keep up. There is some information i can’t find anything about it.

First of all, there is a fee pool that asks for 1000 governance and vote proposals. But on the other hand, it says to gather fee we need to burn yfi. How much yfi for how much $. If i claim my earnings it will burn more valuable yfi? This needs to be cleared.

Second, some estimates would be cool with current ratios. Like if you put 3000 to governance pool you will stake x yfi per day kind of way.

Last, of all, the project is giving out profits yet i have no idea which contract holds them. It should be nice to see all contracts about yfi. The one holds fees, the one for pools etc. I can find some and can’t some. It would be nice to see everyone at same place.

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This is not relevant for governance.
You can go to the discord or telegram(check yearn twitter) to talk more about this kind of stuff