Mechanism for Earning YFI Rewards

The inflation vote is upcoming but in some ways I think it is more important to nail down the mechanism by which someone can farm/earn YFI. I think there is a lot of support in staking YFI to earn YFI rewards. Is there any opposition to this?


I like this idea also.

I like less the idea of selling my YFi into a pool where I don’t participate in YFi upside while another coin is actually staked. I’d prefer to lock up YFi for some period and be able to recover full YFi at the end, not risk putting in 10 YFi and ending up with 1 YFi.


This is exactly what we should we talking about. I think also the other discussion is missing the 0 print option. The short of it is we need to know what the money is going to.

  1. Staking: Is it going to governors for governing? Well they already control a massive aDAI revenue turning controllable (??) reserve

  2. Incentivizing: many want liquidity providers to receive the incentive. I would argue it could be even less direct and have the DAO do a series of giveaways and airdrops later voted on. The question here is do we need YFI to be the incentive: option a, direction aDAI, option b, print YFI, option c, create a new token with only reward sharing, no governing.

I would be for staking but prefer aDAI being paid to the voter from the reserve than YFI. And i would be for incentivizing but prefer to redirect aDAI for LP to attract at slightly better rate than competitor