Dividend Payout

This concept was tossed around back in Sept, but now that the team as agreed to YFI buybacks, how about dividend payouts? Purchase USDT and spin it off to YFI holders from cash from fees earned.

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If you stake in gov you get your yield in ycrv and if you stake in the yfi vault your yield from staking is used to buy more yfi for you. So people are already getting a dividend.

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Yeah but think about how complicated that is. I’m talking about a pure dividend–CeFi style.
Specifically, once fees are distributed to developers and upkeep, left over fees get paid to YFI Holders. No staking needed

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@Dark what you’re talking about may be very true, but conceptually it runs as more of a savings account. You need to stake to be rewarded. What about those too technologically incompetent to stake, but believe in YFI?

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@banteg currently staking is the way to earn from holding YFI, but what is the consensus among the developing team about a pure dividend payout (similar to CeFi)? YFI buyback is pretty darn close in returning capital to coin holders, but has there been discussion to simply payout to those that have not staked?

Hi Im one of those people that have no clue what I should be doing with my YFI, I managed to sale up enough to get one again as I sold the 2 I bought early because , well some one in one of the forums told me it was going to be worthless, anyways I lost sleep over selling them and now I have .58 of a YFI (bought in this new High )can i do anything with it or do I need to sell more of my BTC to buy a whole one. Pls assist

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If they’re too technologically incompetent to stake, they’re probably not contributing to the governance of the protocol anyway.

There is an argument over how these investors can fund yearn operations or behave as liquidity back up. But that’s only if we capture it by minting more YFI, which most people are against (at least currently).

Right now, YFI is only used for voting in governance. Until we can solve the funding problem, simply holding YFI isn’t contributing much to the system. It actually hinders developers due to the premium uninformed speculators raise for YFI.


Its not complicated, you login and hit stake then sign the transactions.

Actually this is pretty much what is happening now, you just have to stake your YFI. 50% goes to build out the ecosystem and 50% goes to stakers (of the 20% performance fee).

I’m sure soon, exchanges will simplify this process for users like this. I would say if these people find it too hard to stake, then they shouldn’t be holding the keys to their own account and should leave their crypto on exchanges like Coinbase (not saying I recommend this though).

That it will probably never happen and that is pretty much the consensus among not just the team/devs, but the entire community as well.