Streamlining threads

Can we streamline this forum in terms of threads topics created?

It feels like threads like “Name a subunit of $YFI”, “We are the new wealthy elite” and “if you had $4m in traditional investments” are topics that lend themselves better to Discord, Telegram, Twitter etc.
I like to read these threads and think there is a place for them but think having them on here will slowly dilute the other important discussions going on as more members join.

I think it would be great if we can have this forum only be for serious discussion that relates to the protocol and then have all the fluff live somewhere else.


couldn’t agree more. signal to noise makes this forum essentially unreadable.


Thinking about this … maybe you should have to 1)prove you have YFI and 2) pay a modest fee to post! I for one would be happy to pay $1 to have the right to put my thoughts down on the record.

Small fee could work! At a minimum we can come up with a framework for posting and then maybe add some forum moderators that need to approve threads before they are visible to others. It creates more mod work but I’m sure there will be volunteers if we need and if not, I’m happy to put my hand in the air.

I agree with 1, but I think 2 is too restrictive. Personally, I wouldn’t be posting here if that’s the case.

I think a dedicated mod is a more practical approach.


Realistically, I think these forums are still pretty manageable. Occasionally it seems like we’ll get an influx of those “new user” posts, but for the most part the community mods have done a good job of keeping them to discord/telegram.

Someone promoted a forum that could do just this– basically gatekeep based on holdings in your wallet. Could be a nice solution, but like @Beepidibop I’d be against posts costing anything. If we wanted to, we could perhaps have a separate sections where users with no YFI or small amounts could post if need be. But realistically, I don’t think it’s THAT much of an issue– and certainly easier here to avoid junk posts than somewhere like Discord or Telegram.


And in another thread some are proposing compensating contributors for posts that are liked. I would prefer to see neither payments required to post nor payment to posters. I agree with @dudesahn that things seem to be working pretty well with things for now. I forgive new users with valid questions that maybe should not be posted on this governance forum.

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I don’t think it’s super bad here (especially after looking at UNI forum threads) but I do think we can streamline it. Even if we just add a pinned thread with simple guidelines and tips to posting it would do a lot imo. I think it would be helpful to new users to know that quick answers are more likely on Discord or Telegram as an example.


The Yam folks have a banner on their forum that reads:

This forum is intended for a place of substantive discussion.
Please direct individual questions to the discord:
Please be sure to appropriately label the category of your post.
Posts that do not foster productive discussion will be filtered, as we need this to remain a place where conversation can take place to drive protocol decision-making.

Sounds reasonable


seriously ???

I’ll never pay to post something on a forum. Especially on this type of forum .
But we can also moderate it a bit more and tell people when topic/message… are too often irrelevant

This seems like a great idea. @Dark, could we maybe make something like this happen?

Would change this slightly:

This is the YFI governance forum and is for the discussion of governance, protocol, and strategy related issues.

Please direct other types of questions, such as requests for individual support, to the discord . . . .


We have something similar to this for new posters, as for as keeping something up permanently or something that always shows when someone goes to post a new topic, I can look into it.


Reading some of these posts makes me want to dump the YFI I hold even if I lose money. Seriously?! suggesting to charge people to post in a forum wow!..that’s the most ridiculous idea I have ever heard. It doesn’t have an inclusive tone. The YFI price is already in free fall. Good governance is key especially when people are investing their hard earned cash in a product. If people don’t believe that good governance decisions can be made by those managing and controlling a product, investors will definitely lose interest.

Just because people said things on the forum doesn’t mean it will be implemented. I personally don’t think people should need to have a yfi balance to post on the forums.

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Okay, so here is my newbie 2c suggestion. Perhaps locking some forums that contain financial and strategic discussions. There is already a “badge earned” process in place, so perhaps having a system in place where some forums are locked and people only gain access to such forums e.g. (financial and strategic matters forums) based on their “trust” badge earned status. How they increase their status could be through providing insightful suggestions…I don’t know but its just a suggestion.

Pay to post is obviously out of the question. More active moderation such as directing casual and out of topic discussions to the right category or to Discord, etc. is the right solution.


We can self-regulate by informing everyone to use Telegram for particular topics that don’t directly relate to Yearn Governance.

I think this is already the general protocol– if you see a post that isn’t related to governance, I usually just let the poster know the answer (if it’s easy) and then that those kinds of topics are best answered on telegram or discord

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