Getting Started (Please Read)

This is a semi-public forum for participating in yEarn governance. This includes:

  • Governance Frameworks
  • Proposal Discussions
  • Fee Allocations
  • Value-Added Incentives
  • Pool Additions & Amendments
  • Protocol Economics

This is not the place for:

  • Generic yield farming discussion. For that, go to CT
  • Discussing the price of YFI. If you continue to talk about the price of YFI after being warned, you will be banned.
  • Complaining about yEarn. We know it’s complex. We’re working to make it easier.

If your signal to noise ratio gets too low, you will be banned from this forum. Please keep discussions as clear and concise as possible.

Posting on this site is accepting releasing your submitted content into the public domain (CC0).

Please note that this forum is community-owned and operated and will be treated as such. There is no one responsible for the upkeep of this forum. There is no one being compensated to moderate this forum. If you’d like to become a moderator, please let us know.

Special thanks to for the inspiration on this Getting Started post.



So is this where I would ask my questions regarding governance and voting for a new user?


You can do that here, or in discord.
To start, go read thru the #links channel in our Discord. That gives a good amount of info for beginners.
What did you want to know?

when you explain you should be clear. Using abréviations doesn’t help at all !! What’s CT ?

Crypto influencers on Twitter

hey I’m new here just wishing everyone a great 2021🎊

As with any decisions and proposals, the cost-benefit analysis must be employed in regards to the economical sense of spending any funds on audit vs developing more products and expanding our revenue streams.

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I am also new to the forums… I am crypto blo9gger… write about all major crypto assets

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