Milky What do you Do?

If you are the operations behind Yearn I would like to know what exactly you do???

The UI is an absolute disgrace and if I was a dev in yearn I would be equally disappointed. If yearn wants to succeed it needs help from the community. Currently Yearn is the least transparent most transparent project in DEFI and this needs to change. Plenty of people were asked about the new UI for months and were told it was being worked on. If we had known this was the final result there would have been outrage and also support. How this was given the go ahead by the team is pathetic in all honesty. You can have the best devs / strategists in the world but without a UI its nothing.

There could have been a contest and community voting. There would be tons of UI devs that would kill at the chance to have Yearn in their portfolio.

I’ve held YFI since $3000 and for the first time im starting to question the decision making behind the scenes. What do you guys think?


I have to agree, the UI needs more work. For now, maybe could show initially a cached version of the vaults as soon as you start the page, and then load updated info when the user connects the wallet.

Some of the vaults need a short explainer.

I like that each vault has a stats page though, that’s a very pleasant surprise. I guess in the future it will also show all strategies running for v2 vaults, and stats on each one.

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