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Post proposals here for new products, primitives, and protocols that could fall under the Yearn Finance umbrella, AKA every yThing we do other than yVaults.

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Yearn Mobile Applications?

Hi @banteg and crew . I’ve been going down the Yearn/YFi rabbit hole for about a month now. Love the philosophy and how you run things. I’ve been in crypto space for about 7 years. I run a very small and nimble software development and digital marketing company. We developed 3 of the 50 iPhone apps back in 2008.

Our goal in 2021 is to accept less client work (apps, websites, Google Ads, etc) and devote some of our time to Yearn.

I’m reading everything I can in these forums to get up to speed. I’m just trying to figure out where we can best help YFI so hoping an admin can point me in the right direction. I didn’t see any Yearn apps on App Store ( I didn’t check Google Play) so we’re happy to help on that front. We’ve made about 150 apps and the other owner is diving deep into solidity to get up to speed on that as we speak.

I don’t know if starting with some of the real-time stats and Yfi educational content (how to use, links to the different areas, etc) to try and attract new community members is the way to start or actually trying to get Vaults and products in an app with good UI/UX. But, I figure someone has already given this some thought so we’re all ears and want to help where we can.

Thanks for your time and for creating such a vibrant community.