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Hey guys, I’d love to help the team/community with the design of yearn.

Is this a place where proposals can be submitted?

No offense to anyone, but the new redesign seems like a big step back from the initial site.

My goal would be to help make Yearn awesome on both web and mobile.

What are your thoughts on the new design?


I’m with Dallas. The new design is painfully bad. Plus the Vaults UI has actually gone backwards – I can no longer see at a glance how much my Vault has made (!!!) I can only see the CURRENT amount in it.


For now, maybe could show initially a cached version of the vaults as soon as you start the page, and then load updated info when the user connects the wallet.

Some of the vaults need a short explainer.

I like that each vault has a stats page though, that’s a very pleasant surprise. I guess in the future it will also show all strategies running for v2 vaults, and stats on each one.


you can still access the v1 frontend here

thanks for the feedback. and would love your help @dallasrushing ! I’m putting together a resources doc for designers to jump in and autonomously create their own frontends. Since we have a bonkers new backend now, it will be pretty easy to support multiple frontend designs, and iterate super quickly on them to match the speed of product shipping. That’s my vision for the site. And I have some ideas about rewards here but still in-progress.

Here’s the resources doc, it’s still missing a lot so I haven’t messaged it out loudly yet Yearn Frontend Design Resources - HackMD


Just signed up to comment on this.

Unfortunately I agree. I feels like a missed opportunity and potentially launched a little too early.

I’ve seen multiple redesigns from prominent defi projects miss the mark recently and I really want to add value to the community to help.

From an outsiders view, it seems like the team is a little disorganised in terms of who is leading the product design (visual interface, not underlying backend). This might not be the case, just my perception.

I’ve grown and managed my own digital agency for the past 12 years focusing on website and web applications and my core skillset is UX. I would love to get involved to redesign aspects of the interface to better suit your core users needs as well as ensuring Yearn is attracting new users through a superior UI.

How can I?

Do you use tools like Jira to manage a backlog of requirements?
Is there a community Figma board for all design elements?

Where is the best place to meet the team responsible so that we can help?



See the post above yours from @tracheopteryx. Much of the site intended to be a proof of concept rather than a fully fleshed-out UI. The v2 backend was made in a way that will make it rather easy for frontend developers to build out their vision of an ideal site. With that, I imagine that, in time, one or multiple v2 sites will be “endorsed” via Yearn Governance, with direct links to them, if the site(s) are deemed worthy to be considered as “official”. I’m sure Trach and @x48 can speak to this vision more clearly (or tell you that I’m completely incorrect in my understanding!)


Per Banteg’s Twitter post, Yearn’s frontend repo is open to the public to contribute further here:

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can i direct message you somewhere? telegram? email?

thanks for your response.

does yearn have worker proposals for this type of thing, if so how does it work?


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feel free to dm either @tracheopteryx or myself, or just hop into the telegram (, or head to the discord ( and we should be able to get you in touch with the correct people.

Also @Buddha same goes for you!

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This was the plan originally (vaults data pulled from API, then user can connect wallet to see their own balance) and should be fixed now, explainers via tooltips are on the list of things to add as well!


Agree with several the UI took a step backward, and sends a mixed message - full degen mode (LFG, numba) or catering to professionals. The site is a miss in my view, and needs an overhaul. Perhaps too much time has been focused on minting to address dev/ strategy compensation…

The net is many critical components that missed the mark in this launch (strategy alignment, branding, and messaging). If the goal is to be the premier site, highest yields, best minds, then that’s one path; however, it was not the path presented.

Regarding strategy, the core team should seriously discuss a redenomination in greater depth. As minting is inevitable, then the team should pause, and reflect on unit bias, which is exactly the conflict in the messaging on v2.

And herein lies the problem, the current site presents a “full degen image”, yet degens aren’t buying a $35,000 coin. If minting, a redenomination should be carefully discussed, and focused on bringing YFI tokens under $100.

I’m happy to help if needed, and some grownups in the room may help. The net is I have a small position in YFI, so I don’t have as much skin in the game as most of you. I am willing to contribute some of my time to make Yearn great again!



Thanks. I will. Would love to contribute in some way to the UX of the interface. @craysecurity makes some really valid points about the messaging and visual design too.

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One major request: please keep the design process and discussion open to the public? Most of Yearn V2 design discussion and frontend repository were hidden away in a private telegram group.


Or at least post the designs before they go live so the community can review and critique them.


I signed up on the forum just to comment on this. Would be great if we can just go back to the old UI. Provided way more useful info and was more intuitive.


Agreed. I feel like if the design were presented to the community before going live so we could have mitigated. Unclear why it wasn’t


i pinged you on Telegram, are you guys still looking to hire for the redesign job. I’m sending you my info on Telegram


Yes this – could even consider an open telegram group to share snippets of designs for quick feedback/iteration? Or, even better, talk about user goals first… even the v1 site seemed to be catering very much for the technical/pro audience not the masses (i.e. it still confuses me!).


Agreed on discussing overall strategy before jumping into design:

  • What feelings/motifs does yearn want to convey to new users? ie cryptic/ yolo vs full explanations for normies
  • What colours are we using? Basic but important for brand
  • What info do yearn users want presented to them to track investments?
  • What is the keystone metric the product is optimizing for? I’m partial to TVL

Been at this a while now and building blocks are important, even in decentraworld

I think any UI overhaul should be presented as a fully fleshed proposal with a pull request, just me?