Proposal: Site UX

UPDATE: Thank you all for your feedback, it has been heard. started a new thread at Proposal: New Site UX based on feedback so far - it seems a lot more community members wanted to contribute and didn’t have a chance as we moved too fast in the discord #frontend-development channel and on twitter feedback threads by which is understandable as we started on Tuesday

EDIT: Reworking this topic in a new thread based on feedback. Thank you!

Summary / Abstract:

The new website for Yearn.Finance is ready to go live, let’s put it live.

This is an optimization of the current design which adds explanations often requested in community discord and telegram and makes it easier to maximize self serve AUM loads to the system while reducing support overhead.

The dashboard button also links directly to the user’s own dashboard with their wallet address so they can track performance.

This reduces operational overhead and bloat long term by not having to continually update and sync our dash to whatever their latest iteration is.

The Zapper button will soon hopefully point a user directly to a custom version of the Zapper invest page which will show the Yearn products suite for users to 1-click exchange assets directly into a chosen vault.

A custom feature is needed for that and I’ve requested it from the Zapper team and they will get back to me soon on that.

You can browse the fully functional site on Yearn.Finance for review.

All suggestions and feedback are welcome.

Bear in mind this is just v1 and subject to continual improvements over time.

Therefore suggestions and feedback will be implemented into future iterations and will not accommodated into this first release.

The pull request is at Feature/new design by zu-ctrl · Pull Request #68 · yearn/iearn-finance · GitHub – It’s 100% ready to go live now.

There will always be tweaks and improvements, already have a few in mind with suggestions from the community such as languages, graphics, visuals, charts, all sorts of things and in future will submit PRs directly to update the site.

The content in the pull request is designed around Andre’s original development workflow, with all routing the same, so there shouldn’t be anything particularly new in project structure, thereby making it conducive and supportive to the usual rapid pace of development and product releases.


Pull request is at Feature/new design by zu-ctrl · Pull Request #68 · yearn/iearn-finance · GitHub just needs to be merged to master and it will be live soon after that.


  • YES! Let’s do this and get the new site live :muscle: :sunglasses: I love dark mode and want the other good stuff coming #soon too! UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ
  • No we shouldn’t move fast and create positive change because I want to intentionally or unintentionally conduct psyops against Yearn Finance and slow everyone down for some reason
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Contributors via Discord and Twitter (discussion, ideas, work, offers to contribute in future, in no particular order - can’t mention more than 10 users in a post so had to break some name tags):

  • @learnyearn (need to add Blue Kirby in as animation somewhere in future PR)
  • @iTo
  • @cagince
  • @doug.molina
  • @Substreight
  • @FutureFund
  • @kierankyle / zapper
  • @DeFi_Ted
  • @ MistuhBailey
  • @ WestCoastWalka
  • @ tracheopteryx
  • @ Max#3133
  • @ Jin
  • @ grahamu
  • @ Satish
  • @ acap
  • @ Seb / zapper
  • @ elguapo
  • @ dripdrop
  • @ siipiorava
  • @ js
  • @ alphast0rm
  • @ popcornkirby
  • @ southseacompany
  • @ fel
  • @ fameal
  • @ vany365
  • @ tradertravis
  • @ banteg
  • @ MattBridges
  • @ thegismar
  • @ cf62
  • @ HarshRate
  • @ ilarion
  • @ QuantsCrypto
  • @ GabrielNergaard
  • @ Kiwi
  • @ digitaloil
  • @ Berto
  • If I forgot to mention you please accept my apologies, just message me and I’ll add you to the list. Every single comment along the way of development here is appreciated.
  • …And of course thanks to my internal team of designers + developers who built my vision along with incorporating adjusted feedback and suggestions from the community.

Love it AZ - this looks great and simple for an idiot like myself to use. At a minimum it brings everything into one place which is desperately needed right now.

If it can go live quickly I am happy to put my vote forward.


Looks good! Why not add governance into it as well? Also can we leave to polls to simple yes and no. No need to act like 1inch on twitter lol.


I tried it out, the new site still does not work with WalletConnect. I get the following error:


Unsupported method [eth_sendTransaction]. Method must be one of the following: alchemy_getTokenAllowance, alchemy_getTokenBalances, alchemy_getTokenMetadata, debug_traceTransaction, eth_accounts, eth_blockNumber, eth_call, eth_chainId, eth_estimateGas, eth_gasPrice, eth_getBalance, eth_getBlockByHash, eth_getBlockByNumber, eth_getBlockTransactionCountByHash, eth_getBlockTransactionCountByNumber, eth_getCode, eth_getFilterChanges, eth_getFilterLogs, eth_getLogs, eth_getProof, eth_getStorageAt, eth_getTransactionByBlockHashAndIndex, eth_getTransactionByBlockNumberAndIndex, eth_getTransactionByHash, eth_getTransactionCount, eth_getTransactionReceipt, eth_getUncleByBlockHashAndIndex, eth_getUncleByBlockNumberAndIndex, eth_getUncleCountByBlockHash, eth_getUncleCountByBlockNumber, eth_newBlockFilter, eth_newFilter, eth_newPendingTransactionFilter, eth_protocolVersion, eth_sendRawTransaction, eth_subscribe, eth_syncing, eth_uninstallFilter, eth_unsubscribe, net_listening, net_version, trace_block, trace_call, trace_callMany, trace_filter, trace_get, trace_rawTransaction, trace_replayBlockTransactions, trace_replayTransaction, trace_transaction, web3_clientVersion, web3_sha3

All that needs to happen to make this work is to upgrade the web3-react and/or walletconnect packages.


Feature req from DarkGhosty in telegram
can u add a side tab for usd balance of the lp token? deployed balance then lp token balance then usd amount maybe. Its really the thing most people care about

And others
Dark Ghosty:
im sure if you don’t add that people will just keep asking even though u have a link to zapper lol

Looks amazing. Is save the yearn recycle done by banteg?

Dark Ghosty:
adding this in would be nice. Maybe put it under beta features?

like have a beta optin section for new features we want to test but not go mainstream yet

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That’s a bug from core functions which I did not yet touch, as before the interface works best with metamask and is buggy with everything else. I have same issue, maybe @andre.cronje can address it at some point

Will do soon :slight_smile: and yeah just having some fun with it … 1inch is on another level though! Out of their minds

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Should we change all ycrv references to yusd or?

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Amazing work man! Site looks great! My only improvement would be to get a super crispy clean digital for the yearn logo. It looks “slightly fuzzy” to me. (Might just be my device)

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Keep the same colors and icons from the current website. It’s “lighter and friendlier”. The 8-bit look is too trendy and tired at this point.

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Can this site support multiple languages with a dropdown? I think the site needs to be translated asap.


It would be trendy if I tried to follow some trend. I didn’t, I wanted it to be inspired by Lego, found a Lego ish font then edited the tops off it and it ends up looking 8bit.

It will soon, I will use DeepL API to generate the best translations possible and it will be able to keep up with new releases easily.


Every thing looks good. It is much better for the new user to understand what oppertunities he can have with simple UI steps. Now there is no confusion for the new user who only wants to profit from his investment without participating in Governance.

The font for is need to be changed.

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The facts are many other sites are using that look right now. Just look at If we go 8-bit, it will look derivative and trendy, whether that’s your intention or not.

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Thanks, your suggestion and that of @point will be considered in future releases. Much appreciated!

Governance mods soon too hopefully!


Really appreciate your work! :heart:

append: I love that dark mode!

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If there’s a larger branding effort being done, these should tie in together. No sense in putting in a bunch of design work on the site if there’s a new logo/branding coming soon. Not sure if @FutureFund has any insight on that…

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If we’re talking size, this is indisputably the largest effort by far. Everyone in the community had a chance to contribute to the shared vision which I delivered.

This means you had a chance to voice your concerns several times already, meanwhile everyone actively involved has been by and large happy with the approach.

This is evidenced by the collaborative efforts in discord and publicly on Twitter.

In addition, it has been a fast paced, iterative approach which is most suitable to the development pace and style to the Yearn MO.

Any further ideas and suggestions will be incorporated into this as fast as you can share them.


Hello All,

We’re working on the brand concepts should have some concepts to show by end of next week. We’re overlooking the whole brand.