Proposal: New Site UX


We have a new site UX prepared HERE. While the codebase is ready and PR has been submitted in github, let’s create a space for 3+ days of discussion, ideas, new designs and suggestions.

This is an optimization of the current design which adds explanations often requested in community discord and telegram and makes it easier to maximize self serve AUM loads to the system while reducing support overhead.

The dashboard button also links directly to the user’s own dashboard with their wallet address so they can track performance.

This reduces operational overhead and bloat long term by not having to continually update and sync our dash to whatever their latest iteration is.

The Zapper button will soon hopefully point a user directly to a custom version of the Zapper invest page which will show the Yearn products suite for users to 1-click exchange assets directly into a chosen vault.

A custom feature is needed for that and I’ve requested it from the Zapper team and they will get back to me soon on that.

The content in the pull request is designed around Andre’s original development workflow, with all routing the same, so there shouldn’t be anything particularly new in project structure, thereby making it conducive and supportive to the usual rapid pace of development and product releases.

A lot of great feedback has been shared in the previous thread for reference, I’ll summarize points below:

  • Make it great, simple, idiot proof and bring everything into one place
  • Add governance to it we can add buttons to gov and forum for now and modify gov later
  • Upgrade to support more wallets without bugs is needed core function bug, must be fixed by Andre
  • Add USD balance display high demand
  • Add yearn recycle stablecoins into vault function under beta features filter requires core function change, would appreciate input as people seem to want it
  • Change yCRV references to yUSD? pretty sure yCRV is LP token, while yyCRV is rebranded to yUSD, right?
  • Change 8-bit look logo to suit the token icon more (arrows/infinity) can suggest a few options
  • Support multiple languages with dropdown will use DeepL first as its the best multi lang api for now
  • Make table and numbers information visible without needing wallet connect Kyber does something good here
  • Make Save / Grow buttons have more focus refer to whyfoo notes in discord
  • Off-site buttons made known
  • Visual graphics to show strategies in action
  • Explanation of buttons on hover
  • Make Dashboard button only visible after wallet connected
  • Keep blocky flat design and build on that with inspiration from mstable / monolith / ethereal summit / other greatly designed daos personal note, just looked at mstable and its not that good? jm2c
  • Centralized knowledge base disagree, lets keep it decentralized and community maintained, however we already pull data from community stats page on this new lander and will extend this further by adding more stats soon
  • add the Vault holdings from to the Grow tables as a column
  • Pages
    ** landing page with an explanation
    ** better navigation and product discovery
    ** short pages with very few choices and few relevant stats, but always with an explanation text
    ** dedicated stats page


We can wait a few more days to incorporate more feedback and suggestions from community members, so here is your chance to dial this in! Once feedback is implemented, we will adjust the codebase and re-submit the PR in github, and re-start the vote.


Pull request is at just needs to be merged to master and it will be live soon after that.

Poll: TBC, will start in 3+ days.


Some really nice feedback from Curve team on the new UX :slight_smile:


I am loving the progress. Great job thus far!


Thank you very much @n00b!

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I like the design. The following are minor.

It is unclear what the difference between the Dashboad button (which links to Zapper) and the Zapper button. Maybe it will be more clear when the Zapper one is not “coming soon.”

On the Grow and Save pages, I dislike how selecting the dropdown takes you to the table and selecting goes back up. It is more intuitive for me to select an option on the table and have the deposit option drop down from there.

The terms Grow and Save are not intuitive. Save includes options with yields in some cases similar to those in Grow. Also, somone coming with some knowledge (perhaps having heard about vaults) will not know where to look for them.


Thanks for putting it all together (both the UI & requirements list). Porting over a suggestion from Discord to add onto current page here -

Suggestion: To add a “Strategy visualized” column, which on click opens a modal that shows the strategy flowchart.

Aim: Mainly catered for users who aren’t 100% sure about what is going on, and want to dip a little more into understand what kind of strategy the vault does to afford them said ROI - could help with conversion


Looks great, checked it on an iPad and all seemed ok. Small whinge,the ‘claim rewards’ button is still greyed over no matter how many times I’ve voted…

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Pulling in some feedback from

whyfooToday at 3:10 PM
ok, so for example, to me the split between on-site functions (Grow/Save) and external sites … like that is so fundamentally important to ux design, it needs to be addressed before it goes live
people will arrive at the site and click a link that takes them offsite before they even figure out why they are there? So confusing.
I can respect your way of working and the care you have put into making sure it doesn’t disrupt the existing workflow
and of course the energy you’ve put into this
But the way I work is to make sure things aren’t confusing for users
So I hope you take my suggestions in the best possible light
We wouldn’t have this without you
azToday at 3:12 PM
Agreed your suggestions are right
Default view is on Vault
whyfooToday at 3:13 PM
But nonetheless, I think that one change needs to be made before I can vote yes
the other suggestions can be iterations
azToday at 3:13 PM
Can make Dashboard visible after wallet connected
yCosystem needs to stay most likely because it’s important to user education
whyfooToday at 3:14 PM
I’m going to do a screenshot mockup

ok, I don’t have any good tools so this is pretty rough
just the placement that I’m highlighting
pay no attention to the alignment of anything, you’d laugh out loud if you found out how I made this LOL
The Grow and Save tabs above the form never need to disappear, and you can add Gov once you’re done with that
the rectangular box can explain what they are prior to connecting the wallet, each tab explains its function and tells the user to click to connect wallet
EstyzBallnToday at 3:26 PM
Can we change those purple bars to blue from a color stand point they don’t blend well.
whyfooToday at 3:26 PM
Currently Dashboard icon takes you to zapper and Zapper says coming soon, so I’m not what sure the intention is there. Zap is a product on Yearn, so that should be a Tab

I am and I approve this message.


I like some of the elements this fork included in their UI, like TVL per pool, etc…
The top section with overall TVL and token metrics is nice too.

Maybe some things to consider for new YFI UI.


note: whoever made feel-the-yearn (update, it was Graham) let me know because im pulling vault holdings #s into the new ux and want to make sure i record who it was so that we can make sure compensation is handled appropriately depending on how this goes. same goes for (though I know gismar did this) as i pulled data into for ROI

Sorry if it has been said or is already implemented, but a warming for the aLINK vault in form of message telling that depositing aLINK already used as collateral for a loan on aave will affect the health factor and cause liquidation of the LINK would be nice.

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we advertise simple, and i like that aspect of the current UI. advertsising the same and its super clean and simple we dont need to get fancy.


Can I point out the elephant in the room anyone? YFI Treasury = 500k ----> Hire a team of professionals who live, breathe, and eat website creation and branding. Would you hire a dentist to fly an airplane? Why are we not using the highest level of professionals to do this work? It could be the difference between billions of dollars being locked up in YFI vs. them going elsewhere and choosing a competitor. If the website they interact with doesn’t fully resonate, connect, and explain things clearly while also being very very aesthetically pleasing and memorable then your going to lose more business then you could imagine.

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I’m an expert here and working on a totally new approach which is not just a stop gap like this iteration.

Next one incoming.

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While I can appreciate your desire to help, you’re one person and you’re putting together a free UX in a couple days for a community that has a billion of assets under management and almost half a billion in market cap value. Do billion dollar companies just find the first person who’s eager enough to post a design in the forum and then decide this is our whole brand image and mission statement b/c they chatted and got feedback from a few people on twitter? That’d be crazy, they would go and hire a website development team of 10-50 people with a portfolio of work, that have done projects with hundreds of clients and that have a track record of success for building brand awareness and image. Sorry man, but if you care about the longevity of YFI and want to see it succeed and make it to a top 10 coin then you have to do what every good entrepreneur does and delegate work to people who do this for a living at the highest level. With treasury funds the community could hire some of the best website developers in the space today.

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Woah there cowboy, you haven’t even seen the next act yet :slight_smile:

P.S. you never know who you might run into on a forum


Can we cut the purple bars in the background? It’s a bit tacky, a bit distracting and I think removing the bars makes for a cleaner U/I

I like the idea of rebranding vault -> grow. But it may confuse some existing users.

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Agree 100%

It’s time we pitch design agencies, approve a grant, get some proposals. Let’s put a list of the best UX in crypto/digital-assets and decide of a direction together as a community.

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I agree we should hire in a professional team , they would probably hire in “normies” aswell to try it out and get feedback from people who are not in this space 24/7 thats what we need for mass adoption going forward.

that being said, i really like your work personally. Very nice

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