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Few understand…

Having some fun with this! Let’s keep it real. We don’t need to hire some billion dollar agency from our Governance fees, when I can literally do the job, right now. :joy: Let’s keep delivering epic work at epic speed. So here’s another crack at the UX, please share feedback to make any adjustments! Live site coming soon.


  • All previously shared feedback has been noted.
  • Each blank view will contain some lander text with an explainer for users. E.g. New user? Shows some welcome messages explaining Yearn. Clicks Grow from that panel or left most panel? Explains grow, prompts to choose assets. Etc.
  • We’ll add multi language support quite soon.


I’ll get this coded up, submit another PR when ready. No poll for now.

All feedback and notes welcome! This is YOUR new site, let’s get it right. :rocket:

Notes to self

  • Turn waifu mode into a toggle instead, then dark/light will insert them in places chosen by @freezer

Looks clean but busy. I am thinking of the average user in mind. I’d expect some visual cues to direct eyes to some flow or steps. Like you’re on Grow and then you have tabs and then in that example it is yCRV you’re working on? Something similar to a chevron to show where you are in visual line would be nice. Like Grow >> yCRV >>Deposit/Withdraw

Would be nice to also see a light mode as well.


I like the V2 a whole lot better!


The UI is a much better from the current iteration, thanks for championing this effort. From a user experience perspective, there are still too many choices before getting started (let’s think of time to “magic moment”, which we can say is my asset being deposited and I am earning yield).

Let’s assume I am a first time user. I hear yearn is an automated Defi robot to help me get the highest yield on my assets.

The first choice I am faced with.
Do I go with “Grow”, “Save” or “Cover”? What are the differences between them? Why would I choose ‘Save’ over 'Grow? I just want the highest yield.

Second choice:
I would have to explore both options before making a decision. And I still may be confused as to what the risks are associated with each. After I click one, I am presented with a list of assets to choose from and explore their different ROI’s. I then click the other one (Save) to see if there is a better option there.

Third step:
Make a decision and deposit, maybe do research outside of Yearn to see if it’s legit, and further research to understand how these yields are being made.

What if there was a ‘dumb’ version of the interface, that simply has one input that maximizes yield overall for the assets you currently have. We can also briefly explain how the highest yielding strategy does what it does. Additionally we can show other popular vault strategys, and users can easily select those and explore them. Our vault strategies can also have more user friendly names IMO.

I think we also need to increase confidence in how we are getting such high APY’s–even brief explanations of strategies can help user’s understand this isn’t a scam where they are getting such high ROI’s compared to TradFi.

To some it up, in one page I should be able to: -understand what I am getting myself into and choose the highest yielding strategy without having to search for it (for the assets I have), as well as other popular or rising strategies. If I would like, I can drill deeper into the application to compare strategies, explore others, etc.


From notes

This covers steps 1 and 2 that you mentioned, and third step can be covered with the description on the third panel, with the tables and the flowchart showing strategy flow. More ideas on this stage are welcome. At a later point we can insert some self selecting quiz on step 1 for risk tolerances / preferences etc, so user self educates as they get to the deposit.

Good points Freezer. I think we need a simple wizard or flow as I mentioned above like Grow, Save, Cover…choice 1 and then whatever is behind each choice of those and so forth. Starting with a simple or dumb version should be the first goal and more detail for future iterations.

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This is probably a very basic/naive suggestion, but I am wondering if ‘Grow’ and ‘Save’ really need to be a separate choice at the outset? Isn’t the use case the same–maximize my current holdings using an automated strategy?


Yea what’s the intent with Grow, Save and Cover? Aren’t you growing if you’re saving? Maybe need a different word.

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TVL probably isn’t necessary. Most users using traditional financial products from T. Rowe Price, Charles Schwab, Vanguard, etc. won’t see the TVL when viewing their balances.

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Taking a closer look, it seems that the TVL reflects the users balance. I saw $1 billion and assumed it was indicating TVL of Yearn. My bad.

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I’ll clarify, thanks for mentioning this


It feels a little overwhelming even to me. I am worried that a new user might be intimidated. So I wonder if the user can pick an “easy” or “advanced” mode.

Aside from that, this is still tremendous progress. You’re doing amazing work and a true asset to the YFI community.


Thank you oh wise and mighty @n00b :slight_smile:
Here’s another one


I really like that. There are a lot of vaults ( even more to come) and the ecosystem is complex as hell. I don’t except an uniswap but looks great.


Thanks! It needs to remain flexible to allow more products, I really don’t see a uniswap working here, as is the closest it has gotten to that for the bravest of folks.


Yes, I definitely prefer this version to your prior one! Good work!

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Love it, thank you for sharing that!

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Great Work ! Really like it !

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Looking better, thanks for these quick changes.

What happened to Zap and APR functionality?

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