Update on Yearn's Website— v2.1

As some of you may have seen, we’ve been recruiting a small team (including UI and UX leads, several react devs, and a few support positions) to improve Yearn’s website. We’ve heard your criticisms and feedback (please send us more if you have it!), and are working to rapidly iterate and improve Yearn’s website. We’re looking to improve the website in ways that will make it more intuitive and user-friendly, while also much more scalable on the backend with a lightweight UI that runs primarily using our new SDK (x48’s specialty). We’re coordinating this group to work quickly, efficiently, and accomplish tasks in parallel, and are aiming to deliver an improved product and user experience for the Yearn community on a scale of weeks, not months.

That being said, if you have UI/UX experience or would like to help QA test, or are a dev with some spare time to contribute to implementing new features on the website, reach out to me here via dm or on telegram and we can add you to one of our two website community groups. We love getting input and feedback (and bug fixes!) from community members and want to continue fostering this as one of Yearn’s strengths moving forward.

PS: For those concerned, we are absolutely making the mobile experience a priority—our goal is for mobile to be just as easy to use and intuitive as the desktop version.


Great news :smile:

I have a feeling that a lot of people write off Yearn right now, due to how the v2 vault page looks and feels. While we all know what a powerhouse it is under the hood! Would be great to see that reflected in the UI.


I used the v1 vault and felt like it was a bit shaky. When it rolled to V2 I hit full on panic mode thinking I had lost my money. Luckily I hadn’t.

My request is that you bring in people who haven’t tried using this before. And ask them to use it. I would love to help and test as I believe in defi and it’s capabilities I just feel that the real winner won’t be the person with the best code but the person with the easiest user experience.

Good luck!


New user, and UX dev here. I always prefer to contribute PRs instead of griping, so please include me!


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