Design Refresh- New Mockups

Mentioned improving the design for Yearn a couple weeks back. I had some time recently and put pen to paper and made mockups with some modifications. I tried to improve upon the existing design whilst keeping in mind existing functionality. I switched the Navigation bar from the side to the top similar to an older version of Yearn. I feel as though this functioned better and allowed for a more expansive view with less dead space on the left. Now the entire screen is widened which allows for better optics. First and foremost, I expanded on the idea of the dashboard by adding more metrics. Yearn is essentially an investment platform and any platform of that nature should hold key metrics that allow users to make better informed decisions. Moreover, the central page itself should not operate as just a navigation platform but serve as both an overview and a call to action. This is why I merged the Wallet Page with the Home page. Users can now from the very beginning view their holdings on the central page and make immediate decisions as to what they want to do with their funds. Additionally, I also added a ROI feature that allows users to view their unrealized returns in terms of APR on their deposited holdings thus far. For both the Vaults and the Labs page, I wanted to add another section for discovery. Discovery of assets is important to any investment protocol and so I added Total Assets Change to showcase the inflow and outflow of total assets for a given strategy. I also added an entirely new page devoted solely to History. History is important as it allows users to analyze the previous decisions they made and the outcomes that have come from those decisions. This will allow them to better make decisions for the future. Moreover, when users withdraw assets they will also be able to view the ROI they gained for the duration of depositing the asset. The Settings page remains as is. Would be happy to continuing working on the design and contribute to the protocol. Appreciate any feedback. Thanks.

Apparently because I am a new user, I can only send one picture of the new mockup, but all pages are done. Sent the homepage.

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