Post YIP-30/31 Update

Quick update now that we’re a few days from the YIP-30/31 vote:

I’d like to lead by applauding @rewkang for pulling the e-brake and flipping the YIP-30 vote. In retrospect, it was absolutely the right move. The extra time afforded is already proving fruitful.

As Andrew mentioned, Delphi has been engaged to develop an economic model for YFI. There is another superb firm, Gauntlet, that has been brought into the loop as well. @anderson & @rewkang are getting them up to speed, and we’ll keep everyone posted as this develops.

The above could take a couple weeks, but will be well worth it. These two firms are the best in the space, and would be an appropriate match for

In the meantime, there’s plenty to be done! Please check out the Call to Action post and contribute where you can.

Onward & upward.


This is amazing news!


For sure @anderson and @rewkang are rockstars.

I’m hoping Delphi and Gauntlet’s reports will be shared with the community, and perhaps their simulation models too.


Big up for not taking it personally since you spent tons of time refining the model!


Thanks for the update @Substreight. Was going to make a thread and ping @rewkang since the majority of the community was keep out of the loop on this.

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Would be kinda pointless if they didn’t, no? How would their suggestions be implemented otherwise?

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exciting update, thank you @Substreight for laying the foundation, excited to see the ideas Gauntlet and Delphi bring!

So will Delphi and Gauntlet be paid for their input and if so where will it come from?

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I assume they are going to come back with something better than 100% YFI annual brrrr, with terminal emission forever…otherwise we kinda know what would happen to that proposal…

If only we could get a proposal to use protocol fees to pay for operating needs :pray:

Yes, the intent is to see everyone paid fairly. Any payment can come out of a) banked rewards, (if rewards as operational capital is proposed and passed) b) ongoing protocol fees or c) further minted YFI (if we come to that again).

Currently there is some work being done to clarify exactly how much the protocol is generating in fees. That will serve as the basis for creating a short term budget.


I’m very excited to see what they recommend!

Delphi is really good.