[Proposal] [Poll] Have a weekly Zoom meeting between the core devs of Yearn, including Andre himself

Have a weekly Zoom meeting between the core devs of Yearn, including Andre himself.

From now on, I will call these core devs “Team #1”. See why in my next proposal.

When: each Sunday; they’d negotiate the exact time between themselves.

If someone doesn’t want to show his face, that’s fine. One of them is ugly, and we all know who; let’s not point him out.

Someone should start these meetings with a short presentation of the financials from the past week: salaries paid, vault stats, etc.

Afterward, members of team #1 would take turns pointing out what has been done, what’s being worked on, what they need help with, etc. For all I care, they could simply chat between themselves for five hours.

This would improve transparency and coordination.


  • Let’s do this!
  • No.
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Counter proposal: lets make the devs start a boy band with Andre as lead singer and banteng can play bass. I’ll be the roadie in the back cleaning up doggio’s poop


I am fully against this proposal.

Why would you be against it?

Why would be for it? What’s the point in it?

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Yearn is for builders. Come with your ideas, come with your passion, come with your creativity. Actions speak louder than words.

From soon to be released manifesto.

To parry this proposal:

Also seems like devs could spend their time more efficiently than talking for 5 hours on Sunday.


Great news people, discord has arrived at a consensus on hiring a PR person and we are now fleshing out the details on the #PR section. Please join us so that we can brainstorm together. This has been a painful process for me, I took a beating presenting this proposal and even had people linking Andre’s medium article. Luckily, we came to the conclusion that crisis management is an absolute necessity and as such are working on bringing about a formal proposal. Join us on discord: https://discord.com/invite/6PNv2nF/

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Sorry, I believe the project you’re looking for is Cardano


Against, devs shouldn’t waste a lot of their precious time on nonsense calls

Wouldn’t it be nice if the layman could understand what is being delivered on GitHub? For instance, having a person that can read the StableCredit code disseminate it at a high-level to me so that I can write a long-form breakdown as to what is happening under the hood. Then linking that to any newcomers wondering about how it works? Making it the “official” word from the Yearn community which social media can take and market/promote it to everyone else. Like DeFi Dad.

Don’t get me wrong – I am all up to eli5 everything, great work was done by docs team: https://docs.yearn.finance; but this is not what’s proposed in OP.

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