Hire developers

There is a lot of buidling going on in the yearn ecosystem. And Andre has been building most of it.

If Andre needs some assistance, let’s hire one or two developers using the Treasury funds as a lot of feature requests and proposals keep coming up.

How do you guys feel about it? Thoughts?


Let’s do it! I think we should find 2 really talented devs and pay then well and also pay Andre more of course.

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100%. The process for this is in action: 1) vote for YIP-40 to update multisig, 2) empower multisig (YIP in-progress) to spend ops budget and hire key personnel like devs!

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yes, i do agree with you

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Agree. This is the necessary way forward and now that the project is generating enough revenue to be responsibly putting money towards devs, I think we should do it.