What proposal would you want to put out there?

This might be an interesting discussion as well.

What proposal would you want to put out there, but maybe you’re too lazy / busy / not technical enough?

I’ll start:

  • After v2 launches and enough $YFI is bought back to the treasury, use a large part of it to hire a product manager that would hire and manage a second dev team to work on new DeFi protocols (it would start by simply forking and improving what’s already out there). Of course, we could also mint $YFI much earlier in order to do this, and we could have 5 product managers, 5 different new teams.

Just a fun idea in my head, but throwing a little money at a highly visible IRL advertisement for lols

I just have an image in my head of a massive billboard on a highway or something that just says ‘Yearn Finance’, with that mean looking pic of Andre next to it. Would only cost a few grand to do something

Affiliate Fees

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