Affiliate Fees - possible?

Hey all, I’m new here so apologies if this is a stale or obvious topic.

Are native affiliate fee splits possible? Or have they ever been considered for the roadmap?

Perhaps offering up a split of performance fees could scale AUM growth near term?

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Are you asking for affiliate referrals for users who deposit with Yearn? So like how 1inch has referral links, Yearn would have the same?


Yes, a referral/affiliate marketing program. Most e-commerce sites have one.

Perhaps it could even encourage folks like Binance to integrate.

A select few asset managers never need to market themselves, but that’s extremely rare and probably never true early on.

There are big regulatory issues with a referral program in cefi asset mgmt but perhaps not here.

I think this could accelerate a large amount of AUM in the near to mid term and is an interesting idea. I also think that it would be better if there is a termination date/sunset of an affiliate fee program once a certain AUM is reached OR if it becomes a sliding scale and the affiliate fees decrease as AUM increases so that the performance fees we yield are not eaten into too much.

Yea. At a minimum there is lots of room for abuse (twitter scams, etc) that would need to be considered.

But a properly calibrated affiliate marketing program could 10x the number of high profile individuals and firms aligned with promoting well-performing vaults.

Perhaps something like this could turn into a new moat for yearn as well. Influencers can really only effectively market one or two things at a time. And exchanges/custodians have limited bandwidth for partnerships.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but I find this kind of gross and it reminds me of multi-layered marketing schemes. Yearn should not be based on others’ marketing but by individuals making their own risk assessment for which vaults make sense for them.

Short-term super high yields don’t need marketing and scaled distribution, but a sustainable long-term project committed to best risk/return probably does. Capital preservation doesn’t sell itself.

Maybe it’s still a little too early and perhaps the exact approach above has way too much reputation risk. But isn’t it absolutely imperative that Yearn finds a way to scale marketing and distribution?

How do we incentivize exchanges and custodians with large token balances to integrate and market Yearn to their customers? Will they do that for free?

It’d be a problem if a competitor did this first, no? Longer term our access to capital is one of the biggest drivers of pulling in the best strategists.

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