Nomination for Roles (Multisig to Approve/Execute)

After discussing with the community, funding a budget, and empowering the multisig to spend this budget, below is a proposal to fill the first few roles in the budget

I’ve talked at length with each of these people to confirm they are in for these roles, and amounts (-Andre), for the immediate future:

Artem (Ops): $8K/Month
Klim (Klim): $8K/Month - in YFI if possible lel
Tracheopteryx (Docs/Ops): $7K/Month
Franklin (Docs/Ops): $7K/Month
Blue Kirby (Comms): $7K/Month
Andre (Dev00): $9k/Month

Approval for these roles and amounts falls to the multisig, as well as the logistics to find and fund the wallets of the individual contributors. Andre is the likely holdout on getting paid as he attempts to win gold at the humble olympics, but we will find him.



Yes, 100% for… let’s start paying people who are making all our bags grow. Also be sure to let Andre know he really should take more $ (for real) and we don’t want him to burn out…


I will find you…I will pay you


Support this 110%. The people listed have all played a big part in getting us this far. No brainer YES note.


These people need to be compensated well for their work. They have changed my life and I am eternally grateful to be lucky enough to have found yearn. Lets take care of the people who have changed the way finance works.


I’m on-board. Let’s do this and take Yearn to the next level!

Thanks to everyone for all of their hard work so far!


Could we get the twitter of these persons ? :slightly_smiling_face:

Some of them are already ultra rich ahahaha

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So? It doesn’t matter even if some of them are. Their role/operations & time spent on this project (both now and future) deserve compensation. I would say without a doubt they’re all still underpaid relative to the value they can accrue to the protocol by using their brain energy on it. To be blunt: Their personal finance/net worth should be completely irrelevant in this aspect.


It doesn’t matter if they are ultra-rich…

People still want to be paid for their work even if it’s not a lot.

You need incentives.


No brainer, compensate the team for their efforts and outstanding job.


I wish, honestly it feels very weird having such a tiny stake in yearn’s success given how far we have brought it.


Yes, makes a ton of sense. A performance bonus/ pool would make sense too.

Appreciate the transparency and all the thinking that went into this.

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@vooncer - I guess what’s the goal here: token of appreciation or market rate for effort put in, whether full-time or part-time.

If market rate for full-time, I hate to say it, but some of those proposals need to go up a lot, and some need to come down some.

So I guess it depends. Anybody else want to chime in?


All of these people create value for the YFI ecosystem in excess of these salaries. Likely by orders of magnitude. I’d be for a bonus pool triggered by TVL, governance revenue or YFI price (I’m sure a model can be found, without perverse incentives).


I hope the community here would even eventually do a time-locked (vesting) rewards stream for yeah people like yourself/operators who’ve grown our bags. I personally would love for a DAO (funded by revenue) purchase & pay out revenue ($YFI token) to the team in a linear fashion as they build. They’ve (you) have created a lot of value and I’d like to think pragmatic and grateful people/community members can see the value in keeping you happy+compensated properly with incentives and not feeling very weird about it. All the community members I hope realize we need to play the long game and realize the pie will grow bigger for us all by doing so.


I can get behind this :ok_hand:t2:

There’s a dApp to stream earnings


I agree with the sentiment of this proposal.

IMO, the numbers need some tweaking IMO, as some are quite overpaid, while others (like Andre) are quite underpaid.

Also not sure Blue Kirby warrants $7k/month. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Andre should be bumped to at least $12k/month minimum, IMO.


Would the funding for salaries (noted above) - be distributed in $YFI ?
The $YFI wouldn’t be minted - it would just be pooled/converted from the revenue generated on a monthly basis ?

Agreed. Lining up incentives and rewarding these members accordingly would be great! This is align with the rewards given to strategy creators, which reward based on performance.

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